5 Types Of Marketing Event To Boost Your Business

Event marketing can be an effective way of boosting your company’s brand awareness, encouraging networking opportunities and building more customers. It could even simply be a way of building your reputation or giving back to the community. There are lots of different types of events that can make an impact. Here are just five marketing events worth trying.

Launch parties

If your launching your company for the first time or launching a brand new product, a launch party is a great way to build initial attention. A launch party could be an event for exclusive guests only or it could be open to the public – either way you’ll probably want to invite a few select guests along such as local journalists to help build media buzz and other people of influence who can spread word of your business. Such events should be fun in order to encourage people to come along – whilst you can do a speech and introduce your new company/product, it should ultimately be a chance for guests to mingle and a celebration of your opening rather than a formal sit-down event. Consider looking into catering and entertainment to help add this element of fun.

Trade fairs

Trade fairs are a chance for multiple companies to gather under one roof and market their services. Such fairs are often themed around a certain niche such as design or fitness and tend to attract lots of people who are interested in that niche. These fairs can be great opportunities to build new customers, although they can also be very competitive events. Many companies invest lots of money in booth branding to make their stall stand out as well as taking the opportunity to offer promotions and do demos.

Sales conferences

Many companies host sales conferences as a way of generating more customers. These are great events for expensive products in which potential customers may need extra information and persuasion before parting with their money. A good sales conference should be interactive – it should give potential customers the opportunity to ask questions and potentially even try out your product. Whilst these are slightly more formal events, you don’t want them to be utterly dull and it’s worth still looking into contract catering to offer some food and drink, as well as hiring out an exciting venue to make your conference more exciting and memorable. If sales isn’t your forte – you may want to hire a specialist salesperson to host these events for you who can give an engaging pitch and encourage people to buy.


Seminars and workshops are opportunities to pass on your knowledge and expertise to other people. These could opportunities to learn business skills or advice sessions for customers. These events shouldn’t be promotional, but educational – however they can still serve to boost your reputation by making you appear more knowledgeable in your field. You can even charge people to attend and make money out of these events.

Charity events

Charity events aren’t strictly marketing events as the main purpose is to raise money for a charitable cause, not to promote your business. However, like a seminar, they can still be good for your company’s reputation. Modern consumers have more trust in charitable businesses as it shows that they’re a company with good company morals. Find a cause that you are passionate about and use your platform as a business to raise money and interest for that cause. Your event could be anything from a fair to a sponsored festival or sports event.

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