Top marketing tactics to reach your target audience

Sometimes when you are planning a business marketing campaign you can forget the most important thing – your target audience. All businesses need to think about this important element within marketing first before committing financially to any campaign. That is especially true if you run a smaller company where marketing resources are tight. Even larger companies will not want to waste resources on talking to people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

What is a target audience?

A target audience is the individuals out there in the world who will be most interested in your services and most likely to spend money with you. Let’s say for example you sell saddles for horses – you need to target your marketing efforts at riding stable proprietors and people that ride horses for pleasure.

Define it first!

The example illustrates an important aspect of working with target audiences for marketing. They will be different for every business out there. What type of person buys from you and needs what you sell will be specific to your sector.

But how do you define your target audience? The best way is to think about who your product will appeal to the most and to look at past sales data to discover as much as you can about your customers. Popular ways to segment data are to look at age, gender, location, profession and interests.

Awesome ways to engage your target audience

Now you have got your target audience in mind, you can do your very best to reach them. The below tips should help out in doing just that:

Referral system – one superb way to help reach out and penetrate your target market is with a referral system. This involves giving current customers a financial reward (usually money off their next purchase) for getting friends to also use your site. Not only does that get you in front of more of your target audience but it also helps to build brand loyalty with the customers you already have.

Targeted online adverts – online advertising is becoming a very popular way to reach your target market. Innovative tech companies like Iconic Industry are at the forefront of using online methods to help businesses connect with their ideal market. This slideshow by Iconic Industry is a great introduction to what online adverts are about and what they can do for businesses. Targeted adverts in particular are widely used as they ensure that only the people who hit the demographic you desire are shown the ad.

Use online groups – a recent survey by Pew Research Center found that 68% of US adults use Facebook each day. Of those many will get involved with individual groups on the site that are specific to what they care about or are looking for personally. This makes using groups on all social media channels an easy and effective way to get in touch with your target audience. As they are all there in the group already, you simply have the job of engaging with them and showing them what you have to offer. Of course, many companies will also set up their own groups to secure an audience and to build brand loyalty.

Use video to connect – when it comes to online marketing, video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms. One-third of all internet users were thought to have watched a live-stream video last year. That means that it is a very effective way to reach the people you want to via a medium that they regularly engage with. Your target audience will respond positively to video content and, having watched your promotional video, are more likely to trust your brand and what you offer.

Tailor content to engage them – to reach your target market and connect with them, you need to do two things. Firstly, find out what social media channels they use and establish a presence there. For example, if you are after forging more partnerships with business then LinkedIn might be the better social media channel to use.

Define and then market

As we have already noted, it is key to first define who your target audience is and then use the best marketing methods to reach them. This will ensure that your marketing campaigns are aimed at the correct consumers and you will then have the best chance of converting site visitors into customers. If you have not tried this before, you will be amazed by how much difference it makes to your marketing efforts and business success!

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