Brilliant Business Ideas for Travel Fanatics

Would you like to travel and make money at the same time? It is a dream many people have, but for most of them it never gets any further than that dream. Don’t let this happen to you. There are lots of ways to make money while you travel, and all you have to do is find the way that suits you.

Start A Travel Blog

Start a blog about your travels. Point out the good things and the bad of each place you visit, Then promote your website on social media, because it is free, and build up a following that hangs on your every word. The best way to get more followers is to keep it light hearted so that they look forward to reading the next installment. Make sure you include images and videos, and soon you will have enough connections for your site to be used by advertisers. This is when you start to make money. The more followers you have the more companies will pay you to promote their business on your blog.

Sell Your Knowledge Of Aviation

If you have completed any ACS 10 aviation courses or you have experience in the aviation industry, your services could be in demand. There is often the need for people that know about aviation management, civil aviation, flying planes, and aviation safety to name just a few areas. Companies that deal with private charter hire need this sort of expertise at their fingertips, and as a freelance aviation expert, you could earn a lot of money and get a lot of free trips too.

Travel Consultant

The best travel consultants are the ones that have actually visited the places they are talking about. Large travel companies send people to check out venues and hotels as they all have to reach certain standards of safety, cleanliness and customer service before they are used.

The more experience you get, the easier this job becomes because you know exactly what you will be looking for. Not always the best paid of jobs, you do get to travel to places you might not otherwise think of visiting, all expenses paid.


This is something that would never have been considered just a few years ago, but it has gained in popularity as people realize it is better than leaving their homes empty and putting their pets in kennels. There are online resources where you as the housesitter, and the people who want their property looked after, can both register so that you can view each other's details to decide if you suit each other. The areas you cover are totally up to you, but it can be anywhere in the world if that is what you want. If you want to make a business out of it, well then you set up your own housesitting business where you can choose the best gigs and leave the rest for your employees.

Remote Freelancer

If you are a remote freelancer, you can work from anywhere. As long as you have a digital device and are able to get online, where you are traveling really does not matter. As explains, life as a digital nomad is on the rise and in recent years has become increasingly popular. It is easy to see why working as a remote freelancer is on the increase, as it has many advantages. For a start, you will be able to earn money while enjoying the freedom of exploring the world. As flexible career choices go, becoming a digital nomad is up there at the top of the list. All you need to do is to decide on the kind of freelance work best suits your skillset. There are several areas that people can freelance remotely including writing, design work, and social media management, so you can build up any business that suits you. You will get paid for the work you do, and how much that is will be up to you to decide.

The world is your oyster.

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