Only invest money in confirmed signals- spread betting demo account
When people trade in Forex, they have no idea how confirmed signal looks like. They mainly trade with the groups that provide them with wrong signals and they lost the money. If you want to increase your chance of making a profit, you should only place trades when you can confirm the trades. Remember, every trade you place puts at least some of your deposit at risk. You can lose the money anytime if the trends do not go your way. Most people lose money because they trade with signals that are not confirmed. It is created by the brokers or made by the market makers for their own interest. It is hard to distinguish a true signal from a fake one and this article will help you. This article will tell you  about the signs you should look for when you are placing trades. The more you place trades, the higher you take risks and the more chance you have to lose your capital. It is your role to make sure that you are not wasting your money on fake or false trends or signals.

Finding the best trades

Finding the best trades is very challenging. Rookie traders always focus on low-quality trade setups and blow up their trading account. But if you think about the successful traders, you will understand they are not high-frequency traders. They are always placing trades with managed risk. In fact, they are known as conservative traders since they wait in the side-line for the best trades.
So how do you become a successful trader? There is no exact answer to this question. However, most of the UK traders start with the spread betting demo account so that they don’t have to lose any real money. Things might be a little bit complex at the initial stage but if you focus on the long-term market data, you will slowly understand how to place perfect trades with low-risk exposure. Instead of using other people trading system start using the price action trading strategy. Price action trading strategy will help you to execute high-quality trades at the key support and resistance level. Most importantly you can easily trade with a big lot with a very tight stop. So stop wasting your time on indicators and EAs.

Obvious signals are not confirmed signals

This is the first mistake that traders tend to make. When they invest their money, they think they should go for the common signals. It is the groups that trade with the obvious signals and they do not achieve success. You cannot expect to make money in this puzzling market with an easy trick. If these obvious signals were the confirmed signals, thousands of people would have been rich by now.

Most false trends appear suddenly

The first sign of a fake trend is they appear suddenly. A trend usually takes hours or days to form on the chart. It is not something that will suddenly come to your chart and tell you to place the trades. A good trend may even pass without giving you a hint. It is the professional and wise traders that work hard to find out the right trend for them. If you are trading and you watch a good trend, do not instantly place trades. Try to analyse the trend and know the reason for its appearance. Maybe it has appeared only for a small time, and if so, that will not give you the chance to make a profit. If the reason behind the appearing is not known or confirmed, stay away from placing trades.

Trust your strategy more than your mind

The human mind is mysterious and it tells different things from time to time. Do not listen to it and only trust your strategy. It may tell you the opposite of what you are thinking but trust your analysis. This market works through data and indicators, not by anything intrinsic to you personally.

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