Remote Rewards - A Breakdown of Remote Working and Its Benefits

The Indonesian business landscape promises many rewards for those willing to brave working in a country far removed from their own. In exchange for your smart business suit and stuffy briefcase, you can find yourself working on any one of the stunning islands that make up this country. While those looking to build a business or to establish a career might find the bureaucracy of licencing and getting permits exhausting, the experience of working in this country can be wonderful.
One obstacle that can be easily overcome is finding office space. Those choosing to work remotely can do so and because of the many technologies that are available to professionals. Remote work, by a basic definition, involves workers not having a physical office but using an address and phone number to receive calls and mail. For many remote workers, this adds legitimacy to their business, and provides them with a place to receive correspondence. However, there are other benefits.
Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of working remotely and how you can build your business from anywhere.
Technological Tools
Those adopting the remote-working format can take advantage of the virtual office, which provides the services of a basic remote-working plan with internet services. Some of the better plans offer businesses the use of conference and meeting rooms, as well. Go to to see an example of one possible plan.
Essentially, a virtual office in Jakarta can fit out your remote-working office with all of the necessary tools for daily operations. This allows your team to function like a normal workforce, providing you with the chance to increase your productivity at a reduced price compared to traditional office spaces.
Commuting Hassles
Regardless of the traffic pattern or time of day, there is no other bigger time-waster in the business day than the commute to and from work. For those travelling into and out of Jakarta, traffic can consume a good portion of your time; time that could be spent working. Furthermore, the remote-working situation prevents you from having to go into the city unless absolutely necessary. For you, you avoid the stress associated with commuting, and your vehicle does not sustain the amount of wear and tear associated with the daily trip to the office. Let’s not mention the loads of cash you save on petrol.
Hiring Top Talent
Through the virtual office, you can pretty much hire anyone from around the world. The internet connection opens the doors to accessing a wider pool of candidates than you would get through the traditional methods of interviewing and hiring a person. In essence, your hiring manager can go into any professional social media site and pour through the applications and resumes submitted from around the world. Then, choose from the most eligible candidates.
The virtual office, as a complement to remote-working, has removed many of the borders associated with hiring the most qualified candidate. With an online management system, you could set up an application system where professionals would submit applications directly to the site. The possibilities in human resourcing are limitless with a virtual office.
Remote Work In The Digital Age
Technology has made so much of daily living convenient for everyone. However, for the remote worker, the virtual office has provided businesses and professionals, alike, opportunities to build an online infrastructure that supports their business, regardless of their location. By establishing an office with limitless applications and a borderless landscape, the virtual office has given remote workers the opportunity to establish their presence online while tapping into the possibilities of virtual spaces.

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