How To Motivate Your Lazy Employees

None of us are perfect, and more than a few of us are guilty of underperforming in some capacity. Those Monday mornings after a busy weekend, days in the office when the sun is beating through the window, and moments when we just can’t motivate ourselves, laziness can inflict us all.

As an employer, there are days when you might cut your employees some slack, especially if they have worked hard previously or are going through personal issues. However, there are limits. If you have an employee who is particularly lazy, turning into work late, finding moments to slack off during the day, and clocking off early, you are going to have problems. Their lack of productivity is costing your business money so you can’t let this behaviour go unchecked. But how do you handle the situation? You could berate the lazy so and so in front of his peers, or fire the workshy shirker on the spot, but there are better ways to deal with the situation.

Talk to the employee

Communication is key, so a formal face to face meeting is needed. You need to remind the employee of their duties, reiterate business targets, and challenge their behaviour. There may be a good reason why they are underperforming. From personal issues at home to difficulties with their job role, you may discover something you hadn’t been aware of previously. On the other hand, the employee may fob you off with lame excuses, so you need to know the difference between truth and lies. In any case, talk to them, reprimand them if need be, and give them the chance to get back on track in your workplace.

Monitor your employee

You're a busy man, so you can’t be watching your employee all of the time. Still, whenever you get the chance to step out of your office, you should casually check on all of your employees, taking special note of your lazy employee’s performance when doing so. Tracking tools are also a good idea, such as the time and attendance management systems by ELF Productivity. This software has many uses, but it can give you an idea on how long your employee is spending on a particular activity and give you an overview of their general attendance and time management at work. You may spot troubling patterns as a result, and you need to get to the bottom of why if so. They may simply be lacking direction, so it’s up to you to guide them into better working practices.

Give your employee an incentive to work harder

One incentive would be the threat of being fired if they don’t pull their weight, but try something positive first. Setting a rule for all of your employees, set goals that have an award should they be completed. There are many ways to reward your employees, and this might be the motivating factor for any who are underperforming in any way. You should also thank those employees who do work hard, as gaining your approval may just be the incentive they need. When your lazy employee notices the benefits of working hard, it may give them the oomph to get themselves into gear.

Know when to give up

After doing all you can to motivate your employee - talking, tracking, guiding, and supporting them - know that you may just have a bad egg who isn’t going to work hard, no matter how much you try to engage their interest. Ultimately, the employee is going to damage your profits, waste your valuable time, and bring down the morale of everybody in your workplace. After adhering to workplace policies and after giving your employee one final chance, show them the door if they still refuse to shift their lazy behind into gear. Firing your employee won’t be easy, but for the sake of your business, this may be the only option left to you.

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