5 Tips to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

There’s no place like home indeed. And if you’re on the brink of letting your beautiful home go, it’s somehow a bittersweet and relieving feeling. It’s melancholic to leave all the memories you had in your humble abode and get replaced with new ones by the new owners. I guess the least you can do for your home, which has given you shelter all these years, is making it as valuable as the memories you shared in it.

A home says a lot about its owners too. So if you sell your house at a crappy price then I need not say what type of owner you are. Hiring an agent is probably a more feasible option because they help you get the best value for your home; they know which aspects need to be beefed up and which ones need to be downplayed, they can set the right price for the house according to up-to-date pricing competitions, and last but not the least, they can answer tricky questions which, let’s admit, are very nerve-wracking. In short, they get fast cash for homes!

Needless to say, you can do your share by tweaking your home a bit to add more value to it; this also gives you a good amount of time reminiscing before you finally say goodbye. Consider it a privilege than a burden! So without further ado, here are 5 tips you can do to make your home more valuable and sell faster.

1   Put on A Fresh Paint

Do you ever wonder why applicants doll themselves up before a job interview? Well, it’s the same concept of selling your home. The first thing buyers notice during staging is the house façade. A newly-painted house looks appealing. Try to give it neutral colours as it makes the house seem luminous and bigger. The front door is also an essential focal point, so give it a contrasting colour; maybe a bright red or strong blue. Go all-out but not all over the place.

2   Do as Many Fixtures as You Can

It’s important to polish the exterior as well as the interior of your home. Make all the minor repairs and clean the place up until it’s spic and span! Get rid of anything that says ‘old’: tile grout, lime scales, dust or stains (even my grandmother is flawless!).

3   Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Homeowners are looking for a place they can call their home too. Make sure they feel warm the moment they step foot beyond your front door. Toss away bulky furniture and unnecessary stuff that’s strewn haphazardly but integrate your personality into it. Tell them which parts of the house are your favourites (they might be able to relate too!).

4   Pretty Adds More Value

Always see to it that your home is donning beautiful curtains, blinds, sheets, and pillowcases. Not only does this make your home attractive but it also gives it a warm and comforting glow. Try to put some personal statements like plants and flower vases, pictures frames, or even lamps in every dark nook and cranny!

5   Show-off Your Kitchen

The kitchen will either make or break your negotiation. This is where homeowners spend their time thrice a day preparing meals for their families, so it’s essential to let them envisage their selves cooking in your new kitchen. First things first, refinish or reface your cabinets. Clean every ridge, edge or bend until it looks bright and shiny. No one wants to cook in a rundown kitchen (at least not me). Wipe countertops like your life depends on it or better yet, replace them with new ones!

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