Let’s Get Physical: How To Build Your Business

When it comes to owning a business, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to have a lot on your plate. From the startup phrase right through to seeing success, there’s always something to do and something else going wrong. And just when you get back on track, there’s another thing to take your attention away. Add to that the idea of growing, and growing successfully at that, and anyone would be overwhelmed. So when you need to physically build a business premises alongside everything else on your list, you can feel in over your head. But don’t. Because you can actually get it done in just five simple steps.

Find A Plot

Although not everything will require you to be very hands-on, this first part might. Yes, you can get back to your other business operations in time, but to get this project off of the ground, you need to pick out a plot. Working with a realtor or developer here might help to speed things up, but you can’t hand it over completely. As the owner and boss, you have to choose the plot. It needs to be right for your business, how you operate now, and how you plan to grow - so only you will know the answer. So think every option you have over carefully because it’s crucial that you pick the right spot.

Draw It Up

The good news is, that picking out the site is half the battle. The rest are all aspects that you can largely oversee, but don’t have to be too involved in - so breathe a sigh of relief. However, when you have got that plot picked out and either purchased or your offer is on the table, you need to get your building plans drawn up. So hire a good architect! You may even want to do this loosely first, so you can be sure that your plans will be approved before you purchase the plot.

Hire A Contractor

Your next job is to hire a contractor. And again, this is something that you need to sign on off on if you want to be happy with the project and the finished project. But don’t worry, once you’ve got them in place, they’ll do all the hard stuff like assessing the grounds and scissor lift hire and other specific and safety elements to the job. But you have to put them in place first for this to happen.

Decorate Away

Then it’s onto the fun part - and something that you might actually want to be a bit more involved in. Because every finished space needs to be decorated. Once you’ve chosen an interior designer that you love, you can be as involved as you like. Picking out the finishing touches is often the one thing you do want to be a bit more hands-on with.

Tell Everyone!

Finally, you’re going to want to finish off the project by shouting about it! Not only should everyone from your suppliers to your customers know about the new address, but you also need to get new business cards printed up, and you may even want to host a fabulous launch too. Because what’s the fun of having a stressful project in the pipeline if you can’t celebrate when it’s complete?

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