4 Must-Have Features For A eCommerce Business

Every website is different, and so it should be to be successful. Thanks to new technology, it isn’t hard to find features which are different and unique. For example, for every site which uses animation, there will be one with an advanced filtering system. However, there are times when the gadgets and gizmos get in the way and harm the efficiency of the business. Simply put, there are trends which are fads and there are trends which are here to stay. You want the ones that are not going anywhere, and you can if you continue reading.

Quality Photos And Videos

The main goal of any eCommerce site or business is to sell units. However, this won’t happen if the images are not up to scratch. Customers won’t take the gamble and might even think you are trying to pull a fast one by posting blurry pics. A clear and high-quality resolution shows the product in an appealing light and makes it more desirable. With photography courses for beginners, it isn’t hard to learn the basics. The same goes for video content, too. If you want to be clever, you can add features like a zoom or an image rotation tool. But, the high-quality has to be the main goal.

User Reviews

Customers love reviews because they want to know what their peers thought of the product. In fact, they love them so much that over 90% of people read them. And, that is not taking into account the number of customers who view the star rating. Therefore, posting reviews (legitimate ones) is a great sales tactic. However, be careful not to highlight the best ones. Although bad reviews aren’t good PR, they are necessary to show your base that you don’t censor the site. Anyway, what one person finds unacceptable might not be the same as another.

Mobile-Friendly Site

It turns out that 33% percent of online sales are made by individuals on a mobile device. That means your business could cut off one-third of its customers by not having a mobile site. Plus, Google has decided every site should be useable by mobiles by the end of the year. The key is to change the landing page for those on mobiles and those of traditional devices. If a user has a mobile device, the content needs to adapt to the screen. Also, it must calibrate the settings so that the content works and doesn’t buffer.

Link To Physical Store

It is possible to create an eCommerce business without having a high-store. Still, lots of online companies have physical stores to maximize their earning potential. One thing every online site which sells products must do is contain a link to the shop. Yes, people buy products online because it is easier than heading into town, but that doesn’t mean they want to put all their eggs in one basket. They might not want to wait for delivery and would rather pick it up in the store instead. As a result, a find-in-store option is a must.

These are four examples, but there are lots more.

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