This Is Why Your Store Doesn't Get Enough Customers

Is your business out there and waiting for customers to walk through the door? You’ll find that you’ll be in a constant battle to make sure you have enough customers for the first couple of years. Get off on the right foot by correcting these mistakes.

You’re not being strategic with the window display

This one is a tricky area, I’ll admit. Do you show the best items that you have to offer? The problem with that is that they’re usually among the most expensive things in your store. Plus, they tend to be things that other stores sell for a similar price. Do you show the cheapest items? The problem with that is that you may end up making your store look like a garage sale of some sort. The things that you have visible to people who are “window shopping” should be the things that best represent your business.

You’ve got someone waving a sign around outside

It seems like a good idea, right? You need people to come into your store. That means you need people to pay attention to your store as they’re walking down the street. What better a way of catching someone’s eye than by having someone outside waving a sign about? The problem here is that people tend to just end up feeling sorry for that person! It doesn’t really invoke any warm feelings.

You haven’t focused enough on branding

There are plenty of stores out there that people can recognize from a long way away. Before they can even read the name of the store properly, they know what they’re heading towards. Perhaps it’s the way the lettering is spaced, or the particular color scheme the store uses. Either way, its presence is announced at a quick glance. Do not underestimate the importance of branding, especially if you have more than more store.

Your goals are vague

If you don’t have some kind of mission statement to which people can have access, then you may be missing out on a lot of really good customers. A mission statement can help foster trust and loyalty; it also keeps your business on consistent and on track. Even if the mission seems obvious, this isn’t always the case. You may think crafting your salon's mission statement is self-explanatory, for example. ‘Provide beautification and make money’, right? But this isn’t enough. You need to hook customers in with something more.

You don’t have a website or a social media presence

Sometimes, people walking past your store on the street may be intrigued. Maybe they can see an item they want, or they like the look of a particular service you offer. But they won’t always walk in and starting throwing their money around. It might be because they don’t have the time or money to go into your store at that point. Perhaps they don’t need the product or service right that minute, but might do in the future. This is why having a website or a social media presence is so useful. It gives people something to follow for future reference.

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