Top Priorities For B2B Account Management

Good account management is at the heart of successful B2B interaction. Account managers may not get the same recognition that sales teams get for landing new accounts, but the fact remains that they’re responsible for maintaining the positive relationships that the whole business depends on. If your client base is steadily growing, and you’re finding it hard to manage, here are some of the things you should be prioritising…

Fulfil your Promises

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When clients hire you, they may not have any expectations for you to deliver a certain project by a certain date. However, if you make promises to this effect, that’s a different story. Many B2B clients can be flexible about their contract terms, but once you quote them, you need to think of them as set in stone. Whether it was written out in a contract or a verbal agreement made in person, deliver what you say you will by the appointed time. Your clients will always hold your services more highly when they can see you respect all deadlines and fulfil your promises.

Modify your Work According to their Needs

Whether you’re in the process of securing an investment, integrating some contract lifecycle management software, or working on getting your business some good press, you should never let any kind of side priorities impede on the attention you’re giving to your clients. You need to focus enough of your time and resources on them to maintain a long and efficient partnership. Yes, all those accolades and medals of achievement that you read about in Forbes may sound very appealing, but they’ll come with time if you focus on delivering the best service possible.

Don’t Cover Up your Shortcomings

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There’s no such thing as a perfect business, as everyone knows. Despite this, a lot of account managers seem to shrink away from the thought of showing any sign of weakness to a client. If you can’t meet a certain expectation, tell the truth to your clients about why this is. Do this, and your clients will trust you far more in the long run. True, they might be a little frustrated when issues crop up, meaning that there’s delays or shortcomings in the work you deliver. However, they’ll be even more hostile to your business when you fail to take responsibility for your actions, and avoid clarity at all costs.

Keep People in the Loop

Unless you’re dealing directly with the owner of a business, your client contacts will have to answer to some description of manager. Make sure you’re taking steps to keep everyone in the loop, ensuring that no nasty surprises crop up. Ask whether your contact’s managers know all the ins and outs of any deal in development, and keep everyone at your business informed on significant changes, progress, and setbacks. Communication breakdowns in any business model, whether B2B or B2C, can be detrimental to long-term success. When you’re giving frequent updates and keeping everyone in the loop, you’ll be able to ensure a much brighter future.

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