Tips On Dealing With Clients Further Afield

When you are a small business, it’s likely you will just take on clients who are in the local area. After all, it can make it much easier if they are near your business premises. For one thing, you can then easily arrange meetings with your clients. And it can be much simpler to deliver the products to the local clients. But if you want to grow your business, you will need to look into extending your company. However, it can make it more difficult when it comes to business transactions with clients across the country. Therefore, here are some tips you need for dealing with customers further afield

Find a good way to communicate

Unlike with local customers who you can pop and see, it can make it much harder to communicate with clients who are further afield. Of course, you can travel down for the initial meeting. But then it can be harder to discuss the work as you can’t keep going down there! But communication is essential to ensure you end up with client satisfaction. Therefore, look into ways to communicate well with the customer. For one thing, you might want to contact them through a system like Skype. Not only is it free but it’s an excellent way to talk to each other face to face. Therefore, arrange Skype meetings with the client to keep them in the know. And make sure you get your staff to regularly ring and email the client. That way, they can keep up-to-date with how the work is progressing.
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Make an arrangement with a courier

It’s not so easy to deliver products to a client who is not in the local area. After all, you can’t pop the products around to their base. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t deal with clients further afield. To ensure you can get the items delivered to the client, you should make an arrangement with a courier. After all, there are companies similar to Shiply who will find a good transport provider for you. In fact, you can get several quotes before picking one to deliver goods to the client. And as long as they do a good job, you could make a regular arrangement with the courier. That way, you can ensure the items are delivered quickly to the clients further afield.


Ensure you make the payment clear

When you are dealing with customers further afield, you need to ensure you make it clear about the payment you will need for providing them with a service or product. After all, it’s so easy for clients to take advantage if they are not situated in the local area. And then your business will struggle without the money you spend on the service or product. Therefore, before agreeing to do any work, make sure you send an initial invoice. Make it clear how much you are expecting, and how you can be paid. In fact, you might want to get them to sign a contract which you can fax or email over. That way, they will have no legs to stand on if they don’t pay you!
And remember you can look at setting up e-commerce through your site. That way, it will make transactions much easier when dealing with customers further afield.

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