Office-Based Startup: The Aspects You Can't Afford To Forget

There’s no doubt that many new businesses in the current age tend to launch as primarily virtual offices. The reasons for this are fairly easy to understand; virtual offices require a lot less startup capital, ensuring they can be done with relative ease.
However, for some new companies, an actual office is going to be required - as in a physical building that you occupy. Getting this right for a fledgling company is not an easy task, even if you have spent many years working in offices and thus have an understanding of how they function. The major benefit from a physical office is that all staff are there to talk to one another as and when needed; it also offers you a place to bring potential clients to, and to store future projects.
With all the benefits of a physical office, it might just be the way forward for your company. Of course, you are going to have to leap some hurdles to ensure you can make it work. That means you need to know the issues a new building can experience; anything but attention to these details could get your company off to a very bad start.

Communication Is Everything

As mentioned, the benefit of a physical office is that staff will be near to one another to discuss any issues or queries they have. However, this can lead to a rather laissez-faire attitude when it comes to communication focus; after all, if you can just chat to one another, then it doesn’t matter if your tech communication needs are on point… does it?
Of course it does, not least so you are able to keep records of all of the business discussions you have when sitting down together. Establishing an office is all about ensuring it runs as a well-oiled machine even when it’s in startup mode; for this reason, it’s wise to consult with calibration specialists to make sure all your internal comms are configured as they should be. Don’t take the physical closeness of your staff for granted, especially in an increasingly tech-expectant world.

Security Matters

The benefit a virtual office has over a physical one is that it’s relatively simple to take care of security. With an actual office, you have to be concerned with all the things you’d worry about when it comes to home security. That means you need to ensure you have an alarm, secured doors, safes - it all needs to be locked down to keep your business on an even keel.

Transportation Concerns

When it comes to choosing the site for your premises, you have to think as a potential employee would. Ask yourself how people are going to get to work. Is there a convenient bus route nearby, or will employees require a car to commute? If so, can you arrange car sharing schemes? How will people get to work during periods of extreme weather?
Think bigger, too. What are the transport links with the rest of the country like? Are you near a motorway junction; if not, can you get to one in a relatively short period of time?
Even if your business has little to do with transport, as the above outlines, it’s not an area that you can afford to ignore.
By finding the right premises, securing it, running good communication links within it, and keeping an eye on transport concerns - your business should be off to a very good start.

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