Employee Motivation Slumps - Busted!

We have all felt a slump in our motivation at work at one point or another. This will also be the case with your team of employees. No matter how dedicated your employees are to you and your company, there are various external factors that might result in them going through a few days or weeks feeling very far from motivated. It is in your best interest to try and help them out of these slumps. Ready to bust them out? Here’s exactly what you need to do.


Offer Continual Training

One reason employees end up in a rut is because they can’t see how they can progress in a company or position. There needs to be an obvious line of career progression for them. One way you can help them progress and develop their skills is by offering regular training possibilities. This could be for signing them up for qualifications related to your industry, such as a healthcare administration bachelor degree program or a bachelor in sales and marketing. If you do want to encourage your employees to go for these top qualifications, it is a nice gesture to put some funds towards the fees. Another great training tip is to invite motivational speakers and leading thought thinkers to come and speak to your employees. These are often fantastic help for personal development.

Keep A Good Work-Social Balance

Lots of employers know about the carrot and the stick method for keeping their employees motivated, but some often struggle to think of the various “carrots” they can offer. Why not just improve your employees’ work-social balance? Your team will work closely together every day so it would be a very nice idea to offer them the time to socialize with one another as well. For instance, you might like to start offering office beers after 5 pm every Friday. Another great idea is to give each team in the company the chance to have a team-building day every few months.

Benefit From Flexi Working

Some of your employees might be in a slump if the tedium of the regular 9 till 5 day is getting them down. This could, in actual fact, be causing problems in other aspects of their life, especially if they have kids. For this reason, lots of businesses are now offering flexi work for their employees. This is when each employee gets to decide when they turn up for work, and when they leave the office. Of course, they should all be there for the same amount of hours each day but can have more freedom over their times. So, for example, one worker might like to come in from 10 am until 6 am while another prefers to work earlier, from 8 am until 4 am. This is a lot better for workers with families, as they will be able to fit their job around childcare much more efficiently.

So, there you have it, some really great ideas on how you can help your employees out of their motivational slump!

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