3 Big Benefits of Launching a Business from a Virtual Office


The age of the small business is truly in full swing. With start-up culture now an unstoppable cultural force, it’s becoming easier for flexible business models to find success. This is, at least in part, the result of an increasingly diverse real estate sector. When you don’t have to spend all of your launch capital on finding and preparing an office, you can focus on building a presence within the market.

This is just one of the reasons why virtual offices are such a big asset, particularly for businesses in the major US cities. It’s not easy to compete in the busiest, most crowded markets in the world, but they make it possible to launch from any location. If you’re confident working out of a home office, for example, you can register with a virtual provider and enhance this setup by adding a professional phone number and mailing address.

Keep reading for more on the benefits of going virtual and launching your business in a way which suits you. Or, you can visit for a sneak peek at some of the best facilities in New York and Chicago.  

Kick the Commuting

While virtual offices do occupy a physical space (containing a range of corporate resources), they are designed to be used infrequently. There are no restrictions on how often you can visit, but most tenants operate primarily from home and check into the virtual workspace once or more times per week.

The advantage of this is that it saves small teams and entrepreneurs a substantial amount of time. When there’s no need to commute to work, you can maximise the value of your day. Whether it’s responding to emails, following up with customer calls, or securing deals with vendors and suppliers; you can stay productive.

No More Lost Days

When virtual offices were first developed back in the early nineties, many business leaders questioned how they could possibly be effective. They equated the lack of physical space with a lack of stability. However, studies have shown that the opposite is in fact true. Employees tend to work harder and more consistently when allowed control of their own schedules.

It also leads to fewer absences. The reason behind this is simple. By giving your team (and yourself) the option to work from home, with a virtual office for support, you’re taking away the need for time off. As long as you continue to hit targets and get tasks done, there’s every opportunity to arrange the time around hobbies, leisure, and personal commitments.

Minimal Expenses

For start-ups and very small companies, finding the right balance between saving and spending is vital. The aim should be to acquire high-end tools and resources without jeopardising your ability to invest in future growth. This is trickier than it sounds but virtual offices provide a valuable solution.

The rates are very low because the physical facility and its resources (broadband, lighting, heating, furniture, boardrooms, etc.) are shared with fellow tenants. As you don’t even have to travel to the office every day, you save money on commuting and make more times for sales. The only fee which tenants pay is the rolling monthly access charge and it is minimal.

The Importance of a Personalised Workspace

It has taken a long time but the business world is just starting to understand why cookie cutter setups aren’t necessarily the best option. It isn’t always logical to assume that a team of employees, each with distinct personalities, is going to thrive in exactly the same conditions. This is why virtual providers give business owners and entrepreneurs the chance to direct their own schedules and find the environments which work best for them.

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