Your Connectivity Journey

The human species very much relies on connectivity. It’s important in every aspect of our lives. You may not notice how often you rely on your connections with others, but it likely happens on a daily basis. While we all dream of retreating from society at some point, it wouldn’t work. Lone wolves never go far. We need connections to help us build our sense of self and our place in the world. And, in the same way you wouldn’t be able to function alone, your business wouldn’t either. It also needs connections to see it through. Only, these links are a little harder to form. Let’s take a look at the areas you should focus on to see you through.


We all know it’s the people you know who matter most in business. From the off, you’re an unknown risk. Nobody has any clue who you are, or whether your product is good. So, it can help to get some trusted business figures on side. Of course, that isn’t easy. But, if you get your face seen often and make an effort to engage, you should be able to do it. It may also help to send free samples of your product to people who’s opinions matter. Their endorsements would make a huge difference to your success. You can find out more about making the right business connections on sites like For the most part, though, making business connections is no different to reaching out  in real life. If you’re likeable and passionate, people will listen.


We couldn’t talk about connectivity without talking about the internet. It is 2017, after all. In many ways, the internet has changed the connective world of business entirely. While it’s still important to know the right people, it’s even more important to have an online presence. If not, you may find it hard to take those initial connections any further. Instead of passing each other phone numbers, business people often share Twitter handles. Plus, your online presence will have a massive influence on your customer base. The way people shop now is different from ever before. They look for businesses that are accessible from their homes. If you’ve never created a website before, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to go it alone. Many companies offer web building services, and you can find them on sites like If you’re unsure, it’s worth paying somebody to start your online connections in the right way. Once you’re up and running, things will be much easier to get your head around.


Getting these two connection issues under control is sure to do your start up the world of good. As you continue on your journey, connections will continue to crop up. You’ll need to connect with employees and build lasting relationships with customers. These may be two significant milestones, but they’re by far the last time connections will help your enterprise!

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