Why Lone Wolves Never Go Far In Business

It’s a romantic idea. That of the renegade, of the person who doesn’t play by the rules but gets results. Indeed, the courage to take the risk of an unproven idea can be the key to great success and innovation in business. However, the decision to go it alone in business, to not rely on others and understand the benefits of relationships in the business world, is always a bad one. Here’s why lone wolves never last a day in the wild.

They don’t know the importance of personal relationships

We are, by nature, a very social race. We’re hardwired to gossip, to know who to trust and who to avoid. We get emotional sustenance from it. To that end, working in isolation can be highly unproductive. Even worse, when it comes time to be a leader, you won’t know how to be. Sure, you might have the practicalities of setting goals and assigning work nailed. But there’s more to it than that. You have to understand morale, to know what gets employees engaged, and what is going to help retain them. Getting too logical in your management style misses the most important part of it: building a team that you can rely on to excel.

Their perspectives are too narrow

Confidence in oneself and one’s ideas is essential. As said above, you have to be able to take a risk to really succeed. But there’s a confidence in one’s own ability and knowledge, then there’s the inability to receive new ideas or knowledge from other sources. Without talking shop with others or looking for the opinions and expertise, you miss out when successful founders reveal all or when someone has an innovative idea that your business can make use of. You’re more open to risks that already have solutions you haven’t considered. You’re less likely to source ideas that can help your business become more efficient and more profitable. No-one has all the answers. The sooner you recognise that, the better.

No-one’s there to help

The value of good relationships in the team isn’t the most important thing about connecting with others. Nor is getting a wider perspective. The most important part of it all is having a support group that can provide real help when you need it. Advice is all well and good. But if you’re looking for leads, then networking with industry leaders can get you the referrals that help you start making money. If your brand isn’t doing too well on its own, then a collaborative effort with another business can give your signal the boost it needs. Pride in your own means and methods is no reason to embrace a higher chance of failure. Keep bridges open and your business will last for much longer.

It’s a romantic idea but it’s a self-sabotaging one. Make good use of the connections and relationships you build in the business world and always keep your finger on the pulse. It’s going to give you a much better chance of success as well as a happier working life.

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