When It Comes To Marketing Old School Is The Best School


There are certain things in life that are worth never losing sight of. Sure, things may come and go, alter and change, but some things hold their worth and value forever. This is absolutely the case in marketing. Discover the possibilities here.

Nowadays there are more acronyms than a teenager can shake a mobile phone. And that’s another thing; mobile phones. Technological advancements have just changed what marketing executives believe to be successful, effective and, dare we say, sexy.

But the old techniques, the ones that lack the sexiness of those that are currently in vogue, they will never truly go out of style because they are just as effective than ever, if not more. And here are the best of the bunch.

The Tangible Stuff

The world has gone digital, and that includes advertising. You can’t go onto any website these days without being inundated with marketing offers or trailers or adverts. It has become so saturated that is nigh on impossible to make any sense of it. It is just too much. That is where tangible marketing comes in. Posters, flyers, magazines, business cards, signage, and banners; according to the experts at all these still have a huge role to play. Shop windows are still there to be utilized, networking still happens, people still drive places and some still like ready physical newsletters, so don’t ignore the power of tangible marketing options. Ever.

The Promotional Promised Land

Ever since the concept of trade was first thought up, the idea of promotional gifts followed suit. It is this idea of buying this and get that half-price or buy that and get this for free. It is such a simple way of marketing yourself and yet just as effective as it was when dinosaur claws were being sold cheaply when someone purchased a loin cloth. It is just a really, really effective way of grabbing the customers attention and remaining memorable for a long time afterward. It could just be something small that you offer, but it could buy you years of repeat business moving forward.

The Power Of Music

Okay, to call slogans and jingles music is stretching it a bit, but to refer to them as having marketing powers is not. The reason they work so well is that they latch onto human psychology like barnacles. They use humans shared love and appreciation of language as the bridge and not some clever marketing trick. Years could pass, many years, decades even, and you will catch yourself singing a tune from some radio advert or TV commercial, one that you haven’t heard since your childhood. It is amazing how that happens, but it is a great way to remain lodged in the frontal lobe of people.

The Joy of Performance

This hasn’t picked up all over the world for some reason, but those that use sign spinners, and really talented sign spinners, are sure to see success in their marketing campaigns. It is the power of theatrics. People who are sat in traffic jams and bored suddenly have something entertaining to watch, and with that comes a chance for your brand to spread. What’s more, as the explains is, the thing with great sign spinners is the chance to go viral. People will stand there, recording their efforts on their phones, share it on social media and take the hard work of exposure out of your hands.

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