Simple Ways to Impress New Recruits in Your Office

Hiring can be a daunting process due to how much time it takes overall and the amount of resources you need to invest just to hire and train a single employee. Once you’ve successfully found someone who is capable of filling a void in your business, you also need to ensure that they’re feeling up to the job and that they have a reason to stay. Bad first impressions could cost you all the resources and time you spend hiring the employee, and you might find yourself struggling to cope if they leave a bad experience review on your job listing.

So in order to make these new recruits stick, we need to give them a reason to stay with our companies. Here are a couple of simple methods to help you impress new recruits. People often think that the employee is the one that needs to be doing the impressing, but that’s far from the truth and if you’re new recruits don’t like the look of your business or how it really operates, then they’re going to leave with a horrible impression.

Restock Your Office

Whether it’s pens, pencils, sheets of paper or even creamer for coffee, make sure your office is well-stocked and has all the essential supplies. Don’t cheap out on your supplies either! For instance, Honest Coffees is a great place to get good-quality coffee for your employees, making it a fantastic way to impress your new recruits and show them you aren’t cheap. You also let your new recruits know that you want to look after their well-being as well. You don’t want your new employees to sit down at their desks, only to ask the next closest person where they can find a pen or a pencil, so ensure their office space is well-equipped and that their hardware and essentials are in working condition.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Far too many managers and employees try too hard (or sometimes too little) to impress their new employees. You want the day to be business as usual, not a special occasion to celebrate and as a result, treat your new employee better than others. The goal is to integrate them into your business as quickly as you can so that they have time to adjust and start being productive members of staff. Don’t pamper them, don’t force a smile, and give them space to grow.

Plan Their Growth

As an employer, you want to give your employees a path to walk in order to grow their careers. As you grow your business, you also want to grow your employees by teaching them new skills, integrating them into your office culture, and planning their tasks ahead of time. Show your new employee that they’re now part of a team and remove that “newbie” label as soon as possible if you want them to work well with the rest of your team. Don’t alienate them and stop treating them like the new guy and dumbing down tasks for them to do—treat them like any other member of your team.

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