Boost the Productivity of Your Business

We live in a global world now, and although that brings a lot of benefits, it also means that we have to compete with many more countries, companies, and individuals than ever before. It is for that reasons that you need to do all you can to make your business as efficient as possible. If you can boost your company’s productivity, you can minimize your costs, make more profits and ensure your customer are satisfied, and this is even truer if your company is a small to medium sized venture.

Here are some simple things you can do to boost the productivity of your business:

Keep Communication Open

If you have hired the right staff, who are as invested in your business as you are, you’d do well to keep them in the loop. Giving your employees the means to quickly and effectively communicate with you and their colleagues, whether that be in person, via smartphone or using a business network system, will ensure that things get done more quickly, everyone knows what’s going on, and all of the company is working hard towards a common goal.

Work as a Team

If you want your business to be the best it can be and make those little breakthroughs that increase efficiency and lead to bigger innovations, you need to encourage your employees to work together as a team, not only by doing the things above, but by actually getting them together for brainstorming sessions and informally, so that they can bond and have a good time. If they’re friendly, connected and in the loop, they’ll definitely work more efficiently together, which will see your company do better.

Customer Relations


Good customer relations management is vital if you want to keep your customers happy, which is why you should invest in the right technology. If customers have to wait for an age to speak to you, there is a good chance they won’t bother with your products and services in the future, and they might just leave you a bad review online. Thankfully, you can ensure your customers are kept happy by streamlining your CRM with good business phone systems, which not only ensure a quick response but which show details of customers on the screen as soon as they call, saving their time and yours.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 connects manufacturing processes with smart technology and the internet of things, enabling manufacturers to collect data which can be used to improve their efficiency. It also allows bosses to work remotely, increase security and even use augmented reality to run various scenarios digitally before they put them into practice, The savings in enhanced productivity and decreased wastage such a system can produce, could be immense if implemented correctly.

Cut Down on Travel Time

Now that we have smartphones, the internet, and remote working software, it makes sense to cut down on the amount of time and money spent on business related travel. Allowing employees to work from home can save money in terms of running a large office space, and holding online conferences instead of physical once can seriously cut down on the costs of flights, hotel rooms and meals for your and your employees. You can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, providing you both have an internet connection, so why not take advantage?

Boost Morale


Countless studies have found that the happier employees are, the more efficient their work. So, one of the simplest things you can do if you want to boost productivity in the workplace is ensure your staff are well-looked after. Give them more breaks, reward them for hard work and ensure that they can come to you with any of their concerns and you will take action, and you will undoubtedly see a difference in the productivity of your company as a result. As a bonus, your staff will be more loyal and willing to go the extra mile for you too!

Invest in Tech Long-Term

Technology advances at a rapid place, and if you, as an entrepreneur, want to stay relevant, you need to move ahead with it. As well as investing in all of the best technologies today, you need to plan and forecast for the future so that you can avoid obsolescence and always have the tools you need available to you. Technology doesn’t just help to improve productivity, it also gives you new ways of doing things and enables innovations that will bring in new customers, so appointing a head of technology who is able to future-proof your business is a must.

Big Data

Using software to collect data at every point of your business is something that every sensible manager should be doing. The more you know about your employees, customers, and working processes, the more you can analyze what you are doing right and wrong and the better able you will be to make moves that increase productivity and customer happiness.

Internet Filtering

This is something you need to be careful about because staff are more likely to be happy if they feel like they are trusted to make their own decisions, but if after monitoring your staff, you find that they are wasting a too much time checking their Facebook accounts or shopping on Amazon, you might want to consider installing an internet filter, which will weed out the sites that suck the most time and ensure your staff are focused on their work.

Instant Messaging

Installing instant messaging software might seem like something that could reduce productivity, but when you consider how much time employees spend going to their colleague’s desks to discuss a situation, you can see how office-wide instant messaging could be useful. It enables colleagues to discuss issues remotely so that you will save some time on the journey to another part of the building, and because it’s instant messaging, they are much less likely to get into a long non-work conversation, again saving time.

Social Media


Social media can be a boon to almost any business. It is a much more affordable and efficient way of advertising products and services and handling complaints and queries from customers. Ideally, you should appoint a social media manager who can be active on as many social media platforms as possible, if you want to increase productivity and keep your customers happy.

Be Flexible

Instead of having your staff turn up to work at 9 and leave at 5, why not be more flexible? Some people work at their best in the morning, while others are groggy and tired until at least 11 am. By giving your staff the choice of when they want to work, you will probably find that you are better able to get the best out of them, increase your productivity and come up with new ideas that blow the competition out of the water.

Giving your staff more autonomy will also lead to increased loyalty, fewer sick days and higher satisfaction levels, which ads you know all contribute to higher levels of efficiency in the average workplace.

Keep Learning

When to increasing productivity, you can’t just employ some of the measures above and leave it at that – you need to continuously monitor the situation and make new improvements, big or small, as more information comes to light. What is efficient now might not be quite so efficient in the future, when new technologies have come into play, and you need to be aware of this if you want to stay ahead of the game and beat the considerable competition which is out there in this globalized environment.

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