Why Live Events Deserve To Be A Main Arm Of Your Marketing Strategy

What are the different elements of your marketing and branding strategy all working together? Are you using your website and search engine optimization? Direct mail? Content marketing and social media? Most marketing is done at a distance, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for all of it. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should get up close and personal with live events.


Let’s talk first about how events and trade shows can truly provide you with: a true understanding of your customer. Honing your sights on your target market is an important process for any business. Trade shows allow you to do that particularly well because the people who attend are going to be those that have a real interest in your business. The conversations you have with attendants also gives you more and more information to better inform your idea of the customers you’re targeting and their needs.


Every business needs to look the part. But it can be hard if your business doesn’t have the same kind of presence as others in your market. If you don’t have a storefront, you don’t have the proof positive of being a real enterprise that other businesses do. Attending events and building yourself real visibility gives you the opportunity to have that proof. It can be exactly the kind of evidence that potential skeptics need to start trusting that you are the real deal.

Brand recognition

At a certain point, however, you need to go beyond earning the trust of the individual. You need to get to a point where the trust and quality of your business and your service goes before you. Providing that at the start is important, but before long, you need people to be able to get all they need to know simply by recognizing your branding. That’s why it’s important to set up booths, to set up event tents and to have plenty of material with your brand on it. Making it loud and proud in public is going to help you get that recognition all the sooner.

Market positioning

If a business wants to survive, it needs to stand out as well as be recognizable. Trade shows make it easier to position yourself in your market by seeing how it fits amongst its peers. Get friendly with your trade show neighbors, while making sure you’re displaying what gives you the niche appeal amongst any of your other competitors. Side by side, it will be a lot easier for consumers to see the differences.


Events can be exciting things in and of themselves. But when you look at their broader context amongst the rest of your marketing strategy, they can more. You can use them to add that need you want your customers to feel. Whether it’s using social media to build anticipation of the event itself in collaboration with other attendees, or using pictures, videos, and content from the event itself to boost the apparent value of your product. Trade shows and exhibitions can keep your hype train rolling for months at a time.
Live events have a lot more to offer than you think. Miss them; spend too much time working on targeted marketing from afar, and you could be lacking the kind of visibility and trustworthiness any business needs to thrive.

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