Beginner's Guide To Investment

Investing cash is a great way to increase the money you already have. It is essentially the practice of buying something that will either increase in value or give you more money further down the line, known as a return on investment or ROI. If you have spare cash, then investing is a great way to increase future prospects. However, you need to be careful and know what you are doing before deciding to part with any of your hard earned cash because investing without proper knowledge can lead to disappointment and even a heavy loss of capital invested. Additional income is great, everyone would like some but it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly does not happen without prior knowledge in each area of investment. This is far from a through and through guide, but it briefly covers the most popular forms of investment for a quick overview.


One of the more popular options for investment, stocks can be a great way to get started although there is a fierce learning curve to overcome before you can become truly proficient. You can visit for a heads up on the lingo and terminology. It is essentially the purchasing of a business's stock, which you can either hold onto or sell at a higher price for more money. Buy low, sell high is the usual moniker for investors in the stock market. There all kinds of subdivisions for stocks too. You can use Forex, which is trading on currencies, so buying them when there is a good exchange rate and then selling on when it fluctuates. You can also get binaries, which is more similar to gambling than investing but you can still make some good money if you put the research in. You’ll usually need to find a broker of some kind who can either manage your account or who you can trade through, they usually take a commision off your earnings or charge a monthly fee. Make sure you find a good and reliable broker, you can find some of the better ones here. They can get you started but again, remember to research everything first.

Real Estate

One of the most important forms of investment in today's work is in real estate. It is proffered because you actually end up with something tangible and physical instead of sending your money into the virtual space where you can’t really find it. Money is made by buying a house, making renovations or extensions and then selling it on for more money. If you are good at this job then the profit margins can be huge. Usually developers need really good relationships with tradesmen so they can get work done for a cheaper rate and maximise profit. They also repurpose properties, such as turning a huge house into a bunch of flats or apartments to ensure a bigger profit. Things like planning permission for extra building and grant applications need to be made regularly as does a great knowledge of a region's housing market. You will also need a decent amount of start off capital to ensure you have the money to purchase your first property or investment. Your research skills will need to be on point and you need to be patient to ensure you maximize your profit.


Again, vital for those looking for physical representation in investments. Art is great because it is an investment that makes your home look good. It can really make a huge impression and you can sell it when the price for a certain artist’s work goes up for a tidy profit. You can invest on all levels of the spectrum so don’t worry too much about start off price but a knowledge in the industry is usually required to understand what will grow in value over the years. You can find some great art available here. A good tip is to buy what you like and looks good so it benefits your home and see a sell on at value as a bonus.

Hedge Fund

These are great for people who don’t really want to have a hand in what they invest in but still want a tidy profit. Hedge fund managers manage the fund you have invested and they use their extensive expertise and invest a pool of investor's money into a ventures they feel worthy. There is a risk this won’t pay off which is why you need to find a hedge fund manager suitable to you. They will either be risky or non risky, depending on their strategy. You can make huge profits but be sure to find a good hedge fund manager. The start off capital excludes all bar those with substantial savings to invest.

Precious Materials

Again similar to art. You likely have heard of people buying gold, which is at a record high. Buying a metal and then selling it on is extremely lucrative. The same applies to silver and platinum and even special jewels like diamond, ruby and sapphire. A gift for your partner or as an investment, these will always increase in value. You need to watch the markets. If gold becomes harder to get hold of its price rockets, meaning you can sell yours for added value.

Bonds And CD’s

Certificate of deposits are accessed by the banks and can allow you a great little earner with no risk. You commit a certain amount of money to the bank which you cannot touch for a pre agreed duration. As a result they give you a high interest rate so you make decent money. A bond is similar, you buy a bond and when you sell it back you may get more money or benefits. An example of bonds are those made by the government during war time. They are an accessible and worthwhile form of investment in which you set the amount you want to put in the bank or the quantity of bonds you wish to buy meaning you have direct control over the return on investment.

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