Look the Part: Why It’s Important to Look Smart at Your Store

If you’ve ever walked into a store and seen the employees wearing casual jeans, a hoodie or perhaps even a reversed cap, then you’ve probably had to question yourself if that’s actually an employee at all or just someone from the street posing to be one. You might even be a little startled if someone dressed as a hooligan approaches you and asks if you need help, and it doesn’t make matters any better if it’s a formal establishment like a fancy restaurant or bookstore.
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First impressions count. It’s an important part of running any business. If you don’t look the part, then you won’t feel the part and your customers certainly won’t be giving you any style points when they review your establishment on Google’s business directory. If you are going to run a business at a physical location, then you need to change your appearance to match that of your business. To give you some crucial advice, here are three reasons why it’s important to look the part no matter what kind of store you own.

Stick to Your Theme

If you run a fashionable clothing store then you should be in tune with all the latest fashion trends. You should even wear some of your own creations or the products that you sell just to give your customers and idea of their applications. Got a new pair of jeans that came in recently? Slip on a pair and show your patrons how great they look. Got a new fashionable hoodie with a unique design? Show it off to everyone in your store and convince them to buy one, and if people ask about it, give them all the juicy details about how comfortable it is.

Be Practical

But it’s not always about fashion. Sometimes, you just need a good pair of pants, such as Dickies Work Pants, to be comfortable while you work. If you’re running around taking orders from customers or cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen, then you want to be wearing a good set of utility pants to give off the impression that you’re serious. If people see you trying to move around and be nimble in a pair of jeans or shorts, then they’ll question if you are trying to look stylish to show off or if you actually care about your job and your performance.

Look Formal

If you run something serious, then you need to look serious. Own a law firm? Get a suit. Are you selling pianos in a luxury and classy store? Get a suit. Are you the head waiter at a fancy restaurant? Get a suit. Not only will it make you more approachable, but people will look to you as a figure of authority (which you should be if it’s your business) and feel comfortable when you’re around. You need to ease your patrons and customers and make them feel safe and cared for in your establishment. In conclusion? Get a suit, wear it with pride, and show off a well-polished pair of shoes.

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