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So much of what we do is now online. From work to play to shopping to socializing; we keep our to-do list online, our calendar, backup our photos to online cloud-based servers. The internet is truly integrated into our daily lives, and so this is why when it comes to business, good online presence is crucial. The internet is no longer just an added extra when it comes to your company, but is something that simply must be utilized well in order to succeed. Good online presence means that your business looks reliable and trustworthy to customers, it helps to reach more potential customers and contributes to building awareness around your brand. Here are some of the most important areas to get right.

A Professional, Well Thought Out Website

Your website is the most important thing to get right regarding your online presence since it’s your main ‘hub’ of information. It should contain contact information, clear navigation, information about you as a company and so much more. A well-designed website will show you’re a professional and legitimate business. Decide on the overall look that you want your site to have and then hire a company offering web design services. They will help to bring your vision to life as well as offer valuable advice. Your site should be intuitive to use and quick to load, any errors should be taken care of immediately. If you’re not a technology buff, it can be worth signing up for IT support services. Many companies offer different packages with varying levels of support so you could pick one based on your needs.


A Smartphone App

Having an app created for your business now is a smart way to get ahead of your competitors. While most small and medium sized companies know the importance of optimizing their website for a smaller screen, there are still many who haven’t taken advantage of an app. Get your app onto customers (and potential customers) phones, and you have a quick and easy way of sending them information. You can communicate deals and offers through notifications. They can access your products and services with the click of a button and again it makes your company look trustworthy. These are all things that will help to gain customers and boost profits.

A Well Written Blog

Another excellent way to increase your company’s online presence is to write a blog. Blogging for business is useful in many ways. First, blog posts encourage social shares meaning your company name is spread far and wide without it costing you a penny. As websites are generally static pages, it can be difficult to boost rankings in search engines- at least in the beginning. A blog, on the other hand, allows you to put out new content all the time, generating additional traffic to your website. This is then indexed by search engines who favor new and well-written content, meaning it can help to boost your page rank. The higher your page rank, the more likely you are to receive organic traffic.


Properly Run Social Media Accounts

Finally, properly run social media accounts are a great way of improving the online presence of your business. They allow you to connect with customers, and answer and questions or queries in real time. A good following shows potential customers that others have shopped with you or used your services before, helping to build trust. A social media strategy can also help you to better understand your customers and therefore target things like ads and offers in a way that will attract more sales.

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