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In order to make money from your website there are some simple (and not so simple) rules you need to follow. When it comes to the WWW - think What-Why-Who and have a plan.

Your website should load quickly. (Because Google loves it!) Watch out for memory intensive plugins or conflicting plugins etc.

Security from hackers is important.  Fortunately these days, most hosts will do automatic backups for you (although you should always keep a fairly up to-date back-up of your site offline also) Additionally never pick a web host that hasn’t got 24/7 live support. When things go BAD, you will want their help.

Always use a .com and unless there really is no alternative don’t use a DASH / Hyphen in between words in a domain name.

Build an email list from day one. Simple rule but easily one of the most important.

Facebook, Twitter & The key here is to pick one and dominate it, stop trying to do all three badly.  Alternatively hire someone to look after your social media and make them responsible for the outcome.

Don’t focus on one traffic source. Google, Social Media, Email Marketing, Podcasts/Videos, Info Graphics & Linkbait are all important.

What you Focus on is what you get – so if you want money, FOCUS on it! Always be aware of who owes you money, check that the payments you expect to receive are arriving in your bank account at the correct time.

Consistency is key when publishing content. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, you choose how often to post and stick to it.

Make it easy for people to contact you. What is more, be open to some criticism or less than positive comments about your website. Sure some comments will come from generally negative people but my overall experience is that people want to help. Never retaliate to comments or emails.

Regularly ask yourself – If in 10 years( or in one day, 6 months. I year, 5 years)  you were to look back at your actions today what would you have changed? Do that.

Pay Your Way. These days there is an increasing trend that the people who make the most cash online, buy a high percentage of their traffic (pay for advertisements). Basically they have learned additional skills based on lead generation and adwords. If you are not also learning these skills, you are missing out.

In my experience, it’s easier to start a day productively than end it productively.

Invest in the future. Don’t presume what you are doing right now, will be working in years to come. Keep innovating & educating.

Surround yourself with successful people. That is all.

Always have a written and signed agreement with your partners / Joint Ventures. People will rip you off for less money than you would imagine. Greed is a crazy thing.

Don’t be afraid of highly competitive niche! The reason they are competitive is because there is money in that niche!

Keep moving forward. Don’t give up – The biggest difference between success and failure is not giving up.


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