Age Before Beauty: The Advantage Of An Older Company

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Have you been thinking about how to give your business a leg up recently? Is the business seeming to appear stagnant in the light of other businesses coming along and stealing your thunder? It is harder and harder to remain established unless you’ve been around for 100 years. And even companies like Lehman Brothers have shown that it’s not easy to remain relevant and profitable. Are you doing all that you can to keep yourself in the market? Are you making sure that your marketing strategy is up to scratch? Are you even aware of how you can communicate your business now? There are some basic tools and methods to make sure that you can get in the minds of potential clients now.

Become An “Influencer”

The older businesses have a lot more to say about the changing nature of every aspect. So why don’t you take advantage of this. There are many platforms you can use to become an influencer, such as Linkedin. So use your knowledge to offer advice on the changing nature of things. It can be tempting to keep this image to yourself, but the more people you influence, the more they will stay in your shadow, and your image is therefore elevated. There are other small businesses that may wish to emulate your style and approach, so they may reach out to you. And if they are a business of a similar ilk, you could help them corner a certain market and they could help you do the same. You could even find a worthwhile ally in business.

Overhaul Your Webpage

It might be the obvious thing to say, but changing your website is one way to keep up to date. As companies are becoming more adept at their marketing tactics and are able to house staff that are IT experts, some of the older businesses can be left behind due to a lack of essential knowledge in this area. Many companies make sure they give their website an overhaul every few years to reinvigorate their brand and to remain relevant. You can outsource to a website design company to give yourself a shake-up image wise.

Get Yourself Podcasting

It’s surprisingly simple to get a podcast up and running. Looking at what the market is like for podcasting, you can start a podcast on almost anything and it will find an audience. Whether that audience will be suitable to your business remains to be seen, but you can examine what business podcasts are the most popular by looking at the iTunes charts or keeping your ear to the ground. The costs of setting up a podcast are practically nil. You just need to source some recording equipment and a way to get your podcast into the right hands. A way to do this would be, on top of your internet marketing via social media, to sponsor an existing podcast. Or you can guest on another podcast to get yourself out there. With technology getting better when it comes to long-distance, you can guest on a podcast on the other side of the world. So it’s a great way to get your company on the road to world domination!

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