Why You Need To Learn How To Say "Thank You" All Over Again

The benefits of thank you

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The world of marketing is dominated by technicalities, like SEO, backlinks, and search algorithms. But behind all of the robots that make the internet go round, there are people. And, unlike robots, they don’t care about your keywords or ad ranking. They care about you, and their experience of you.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of The Thank You Economy. He believes that how we say “thank you” is one of the most powerful marketing tools in our arsenal. People care a lot about being thanked. So much, in fact, that it is one of the biggest determinants of whether they choose to do business with you in the future.

So how should you say “thank you” to your customers to its maximum effect? Here’s how.

Get Specific

People can immediately see through blanket displays of gratitude. Sending out an email thanking employees for their hard work or customers for their purchase isn’t going to cut it. Instead, why not try being specific? If a customer writes a review, thank them specifically for the review. If a customer gets you, new clients, thank them for the increase in business you’ve seen as a result of their actions. If an employee stays late to close a deal, discuss how that deal helped the company grow.

Make It Personal

Showing your appreciation can sometimes be difficult. But you can make it more personal with a gift, according to Joey Faucette. Faucette is the author of books relating to how to stay positive in a negative business environment. He suggests choosing small gifts that are personalized to the person receiving them. Find out more about your customers and colleagues, and surprise them with something that really meets their needs. Faucette says that this can act as a real ice-breaker, and demonstrate that you’re an empathetic person. In turn, this makes you more trustworthy.

Go Old School

Sending out handwritten notes is one of the best ways to grab somebody’s attention. It’s so rare, especially in business, to see a handwritten note, especially one sent through snail mail. But when it arrives, it can have an enormous impact. You can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed by customers.

Be Your True Self

Showing gratitude when it’s not authentic can be counter-productive. People can see through a fake “thank you” a million miles away. And this can make your business appear phony. Gratitude should be reserved only for when customers have actually done something worth thanking them for. Customers who buy your products are worth a quick thank you. But they need to have done something a little extra to warrant more extravagant praise.

Give More Value

The best companies show their appreciation of customers by holding special events for them. This could be an event you hold, in response to customer demand for a particular show or product. Or it could just be a promotional exercise, with significant discounts and giveaways for fans. Gestures like this can impress because customers see you appreciate them more than the competition.

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