Can Your Business Make Money With Instagram? Yes! Here's How

Making money with social media

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Most of us have already accepted that Facebook offers all sorts of great ways to make money. The same could be said for Twitter, albeit not quite to the same extent. But, many of us overlook the third most important option. Instagram is even more perplexing for the technophobes among us. A social media network that centers around nothing but photos and videos? Hmm.

There’s a reason why so many businesses get involved with it. Instagram can be a very powerful money-making tool in the right hands, and here’s how.

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There are ways and means of monetizing your Instagram account if you so desire. This doesn’t mean that you need to hand over the reigns for your account, but you will be required to adhere to rules. If this is going to affect your business substantially, it’s obviously not a good idea. Getting involved in something like an Instagram custom product campaign might just work wonders for you.

Content Promotion

Of course, content promotion is yet another way to increase brand awareness and make more sales. Just like additional social media platforms, it offers a way of including things like hashtags to increase views. And, if you want more eyeballs looking at your content, you can even buy Instagram followers if you wish. Ultimately, Instagram is yet another important way of promoting your content to your social media fanbase.

Visual Advertising

Instagram is all about the visual side of things. You’re not going to get long-winded text posts here. For certain businesses, this is going to be more beneficial than others. For example, Instagram is often a great marketing strategy for restaurants that can share meal images. It offers a more enticing form of advertising that isn’t quite as effective on other social media platforms.


Affiliate Marketing

So, affiliate marketing is something you might have to tread very carefully with. It’s certainly a way of making money, but it won’t be suitable for every business. Basically, it’s a tactic where you get paid to promote other companies’ products. I’m sure you’ve seen bloggers and celebrities doing this sort of thing on a regular basis. You probably don’t want to get involved with this as an established company, but it might be a side-project for your personal time.

Selling Your Account

If you get bored of your Instagram account or you’ve got another personal account that is going to waste, you’ve got options. Believe it or not, there are places online where you can sell your account for real cash. Obviously, the amount you set to make will depend on how lucrative the account is. Be sure to check all the terms and conditions before doing this, as you don’t want this to go wrong. In any case, make sure you get rid of all sensitive data that you don’t want getting into someone else’s hands.

Just like every other social media platform out there, Instagram can make you money. How you choose to do that is up to you!

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