How Mother Teresa can help your business to grow

Mother Teresa and the product launch

Mother Teresa was today declares a saint by Pope Francis. Her declaration of sainthood has attracted over millions of pilgrims clamouring for the 100,000 tickets for Mass in Rome today. There are millions world wide tuning in simply to watch this moment of honouring. This is the sort of buzz that any business would be envious of during a new product launch. But how has this happened? How can you create the same sort of excitement for your business as Mother Teresa has received today?

There's only one Mother Teresa

The first interesting point is that there will have been millions wishing to attend such an event to honour the life of Mother Teresa. However, tickets to the event were limited. This will have been due to the capacity in St. Peter's Square. Nonetheless the scarcity of tickets to the Canonization Mass has certainly resulted in all the nuns and priests wishing to attend competing for tickets. People want what they cannot necessarily have. Scarcity is just as important for tickets. If you're launching a new product be sure to create a feeling of scarcity for the new product. You want to sell out in the first week and you want potential customers to know that it's sold out. This way they will be even more eager to get the product once you relaunch.

The buzz around Mother Teresa

The sights of full crowds in St. Peter's Square all over our TV screens continues to add to the occasion. Even for those who don't know who Mother Teresa was will suddenly notice that there are all these other hundreds of thousands of people who care. This will create an interest where there may not have been any before. Likewise for your business you need to create one off PR events and encourage big exposure in the news and social media to create a buzz on one day. This will gain the attention of potential customers who may never have heard of you before.

The Corporate Social responsibility of Mother Teresa

Finally many of you will already be aware that Mother Teresa is being made a saint for her lifetime of support and dedication to the extreme poor in India. Her charity work made her known world wide to the extent that she was awarded the Nobel prize for peace in 1979. Regardless of whether you think it's right or wrong, charity is something that people are impressed by. Whilst it costs money and time you should consider your businesses social responsibility. Not only will charity performed by your business make your employees prouder to work for you but you will/can also gain attention for your work. Think of cash outflow towards charitable causes as part of the marketing budget and like Mother Teresa you will increase your Company's profile in the market place. 

Charity work done through your business is something to shout about to new clients and customers. Many businesses have a social conscience and like to work with other likeminded businesses. Similarly, if you're trying to raise money, you may not be aware that many investors only invest in ethical companies. Giving to charity will give you something to shout about in this respect.

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