What Businesses Can Learn From The Success Of Pokemon Go

Business lessons from Pokémon Go

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By now, you’ve surely heard about the success of Pokemon Go. Who hasn’t?! It seemingly came out of nowhere, and it exploded overnight. At the end of the day, it’s just another business venture that has paid off massively. As aspiring millionaires, there’s a lot we can learn from Nintendo & Niantic’s successes.

Successful business ideas

Firstly, let’s look at the idea itself. We’ve all heard of Pokemon, and many of us understand about its successes over the years. There were the incredible Pokemon GameBoy games, the TV show, and the card game, for starters. But, Pokemon hasn’t always had an easy ride. In fact, in recent years, the games have been the only major talking point. Nintendo has thrown multiple ideas at the board, and many of them have failed. Pokemon Go was an unexpected surprise.

The Pokémon business

So, what does this teach us about our businesses? It only takes one great product or service to transform your company. You might not be gaining much success now, but don’t give up. Keep pushing to find the perfect formula, and you might just stumble upon it before long.

Do you remember when Pokemon became a massive phenomenon back in the 90’s? It all started with the video game, and Nintendo didn’t rest on their laurels when they found a winning formula. Within no time, the TV show was launched, and the card game took off. Merchandising became massive, with Pikachu dolls as far as the eye could see. When Pokemon Go launched, it already had that massive brand to use as a building platform.

Once again, this tells us a lot about how to run our own companies. Marketing is absolutely key, and knowing how to compliment a successful product or service is crucial. If you know you’ve got something special to offer; you need to let the world hear about it. Make promotional items and give them out to as many people as you can. Get on YouTube and advertise, and Facebook paid advertising services will help you even further. Before you know it, that time and money will pay off in the form of a recognized brand.

Pokémon isn't perfect

pokemon-1529246_640.jpgAnother thing that we can learn from Pokemon Go is that it’s ok to have chinks in the armor. Anyone that has played the game will tell you that isn’t all that great at the moment. It succeeds due to its addictive qualities that stem from one-or-two key factors. It’s still very much in an early phase, and there’s a lot to be done. However, it has enough about it to attract people on a wide scale, and promises of updates have been made.

Finally, let’s analyze this. You don’t have to achieve perfection at the first time of asking. As long as you can make positive strides, consumers will be reasonably willing to put up with downsides. It’s important to make sure that you inform people of your willingness to correct issues, though. If you stay quiet on the subject, they might grow concerned.

If you delve deep enough, there’s a lot that can be learned from the success of Pokemon Go. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to catch a Bulbasaur.

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