Making Money: The Things You're Forgetting to Do

Rules to follow when you're making money

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Are busting your chops every day at work? Turning over those sales, or making sure that those reports get done? Then you might not have as much time to look after your finances as you might like. While you're on a good wage, you might be forgetting to make that money do its job and work harder for you. This is essential to help you achieve your financial goals.

Shop around

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Like anything that is commercially related, it is important to shop around for the best money service you can. Look at your bank accounts, credit cards, and even the financial services you use for your business transaction. Why pay more when you don't have to?
If you are a business owner, shop around for the best account fees and business accounts. Some offer quick fund release with no associated fees. If you are in real estate, use the realtor commission calculator, to see if you could be saving on your financial transaction fees. Putting more in your pocket each and every month.

Balance the books

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Busy people can become lax at balancing their books, but this is an essential task for making money. It doesn't matter how much cash you are bringing in, if you outgoings exceed your incomings you won't be making money, but losing it. Make sure that your finance department is on top of all profit margins and debt payments. Even use this mentality for your own personal accounts and savings. Remember that budgeting keeps you financially buoyant.


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While it's very easy to make hay while the sun shines, don't be one of those people that spends all of their money as soon as they get it. It can seem like you are living a good life, but if you have none tucked away for a rainy day, then it really is nothing more than an illusion. As we know money breeds money, so you need to have enough to fall back on if times are tough or to invest to grow your net worth.


When they are working hard and really focusing on their business or their job, most people forget that their money could work harder for them too. If your money is just sitting in your bank, account your need to consider how it could be invested.

Investing can get you a much better interest rate that the standard bank account. Did you know that if you invest your money when you are young, you can easily become a millionaire by the time you are 30? It's much harder to do the same when you get to 30 though. That is because the average stock market return is 9%. Invest early and leave it and you can acquire a million and have a comfortable life in your 30s onwards.

But leave your investing until later on and it will be harder to leave you money in, so giving you less of a chance to get to your investing goal. Remember the key to investments is that you have to leave your money in until you're in profit.

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