Gym membership

Should you pay for a gym membership?

To gym or not to gym? That is the question. Let's face it gyms are an odd product. They're perceived as a bit of a luxury but then again they're a necessity for good health. If you look around at most forms of sport and gyms they're expensive. From renting a five a side football pitch to rock climbing, these 'healthy' activities rarely come cheap.

For myself I have no specific goals when doing sport other than to keep healthy and to try to look good!

Upon entering the working world it became increasingly difficult to find the time to get some exercise. After trying to find the motivation to run and work out at home eventually I threw up my hands in surrender and got out my wallet. I joined a gym!

Negotiating a gym membership

At my local gym they offered me an extortionate price of £78 per month. As is my want, I promptly assumed that this was negotiable. After much back and forth we eventually settled on £48 per month - still not cheap but I reason that this was the price for health. 

For a couple of years I enjoyed the gym going a few times per week. Then, all of a sudden the gym put an end to my bliss and we're putting me on a higher rate. I tried te negotiation tactics again but could do no better than £62. Whilst an additional £14 per month doesn't seem like a lot of money the principle of it irritated me and I promptly cancelled the contract.

Wandering in the gym wilderness

For several months I wandered in the wilderness when it came to health. I tried to eat more carefully and got off the train at earlier stations to work more. However, I really felt that my cardio health and strength were deteriorating.

My fiancĂ© and I moved into a flat together not too long ago and managed to obtain a copy of the Insanity home workout DVDs. If you've not heard of them and you're a gym rat who sneers at home workout videos you'd better put your money where your mouth is. In all my years of going to the gym I have never had a workout that pushed me as far as this set of DVDs has. 

The ultimate benefit of not going to the gym

Do you know what's even better about the DVDs? It's a one off payment and then you have them for life. I really don't see myself going to the gym again. I'm saving a small fortune. Assuming that I'd have stayed with the gym I'd have seen myself spending £744 on going to the gym each year - mental! And do you know what I'm going to do with the spare cash? Save it!

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