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The notion of being creative in the world of business may be the equivalent of fitting a square peg into a round hole for some people. The two may not appear to go hand in hand. But the innovators in business, the most prominent example being Steve Jobs, can be the ones that shone a path.

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If you’re a business leader, how do you work the creative notion into the model you’ve painstakingly grafted? What if you’ve hired some outside creative help to ramp it up a gear or to develop an idea? Here are some things that you can implement when working with the creative mind in business.

Create A Business Strategy And Stick To It

There are many creatives that will state empty platitudes such as “genius takes time”, however you simply don’t have time to wait around for inspiration to strike. The world’s best authors worked a set period of time every day. If you have created a structure, enforce it. Businesses that don’t have a clear vision can only tread water for so long, and you don’t have time to wait. Keep up to speed with regular catch-ups and de-briefings.

Don’t Let Them Worry, That’s Your Job

If you are helping nurture someone’s idea, they may get bogged down in the finer details which they don’t need to worry about, like, “how much does it cost to patent an idea”? The creative mind can be an overactive mind, so let them concentrate on the job they have been hired to do. Make sure you take the time to worry about numbers and figures so they don’t have to.

Give Them Space

We all know in what state we operate the best. If they need to work by themselves instead of in a team, so be it. Nurture what they need. It may take a little while to get on the same page, but these things take time.

Constructive Criticism

Feedback is key, and the creative mind may be especially sensitive when it comes to feeding back things that need to be improved upon, or simply ditched. The creative person is a sensitive soul, so tread carefully. Feedback the points that need improving on in between the good points. Heal and grow is a mantra

Are They A Good Fit In The Long Term?

If you find that down the road that they are suited to your company’s style, vision and community, it may be worth investing in them on a full-time basis. The gamble that you made at the start will have paid off.

The creative in business can be a real shot in the arm. You may see your business in a different light than you had before, and you may be forced to work using different approaches. These can only be viewed as positives. Looking back, you may consider your old business model to be constricting. And, in looking back, be think that the day that outsourcing for creative help was the best long term decision you made.

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