Why Print Media Is Far From Obsolete!

The benefits to print media

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If you ask a lot of business owners and higher-ups whether they prefer print or digital media, you’ll probably be met with what’s quickly becoming a maxim: “print is dead!” With the sheer amount of screens we see in our day to day lives, it’s fairly easy to have a similar attitude. However, many marketing professionals disagree. Here’s why print media is still relevant.

One thing that gives print media somewhat of an edge is that it’s a tangible, physical thing. If you were to pay for some online ads to run for (x) amount of time, they’d be put up, you’d make some conversions, and after a while they’ll be taken down. A leaflet or newspaper, on the other hand, can last for months on end.
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By using at least some print media, you’ll be able to give your brand an extra sense of credibility as well. We live in a time where almost anyone can get on the internet, and set up a business in a matter of minutes. This has taken the feeling of legitimacy away from many of the banner ads we see these days. Anyone can post these up! Now, when a business invests in some professional and high quality flyer printing, it throws a sense of credibility into the mix.

Print media can also be a pretty powerful branding tool as well. As I mentioned before, pieces of print media feel more tangible, and often memorable. This is especially true when you consider the number of different web pages the average person looks through every day. When we’re seeing all those cleverly done colour schemes and graphics all day long, we become desensitised to them. With flyers and other print ads, you have a physical space where you can slap your colours, logo, motto and so on.
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Digital marketing is not the only way

Many business owners won’t touch any forms of print media, thinking that digital marketing is the only way they’d be able to target their specific target market, and sell to them directly. This isn’t true at all! While print media may be on its way out, there are still a range of specialist magazines on the shelves. Your customers could be reading them right now!

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The sight of a leaflet, poster or other print ad is immediately more engaging than a web page. Just have a look back over the past couple of days and I’m sure you’ll see this yourself. Most of us will scan a webpage in a matter of seconds, quickly deciding whether we’re interested or not. With print, most of us feel a little more inclined to stop and stare. This is especially true when it comes to train station posters and billboards.

Finally, print media is still relevant because it’s begun to cross over into the world of digital media. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m talking about QR codes. These little barcodes, printed on a flyer or poster, give your customers a fun, physical way of interacting with your business when they’re out and about. Of course, these are only just the beginning!

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