Revealed: The Devastating Reason Your Business Could Go From Boom To Bust

Saving your business

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There are plenty of ways that you can lose money in business. You can overspend, and that could lead you to borrowing in the hope of keeping your company afloat. It’s an issue for sure, but it’s not the one we’re talking about today. This time, we’re going to focus on the main way businesses can lose money and be thrown out of the market. The problem comes from poor health and safety. If you have poor levels of health and safety in your business, it’s likely that your employees will be involved in accidents. They can then make personal injury claims against your company. You can read about this on a recent post at

At this point, your business could start to lose massive amounts of funding. To put this in perspective, over hundred thousand PI claims were received in the UK alone last year. Claims that were based on lack of mobility amounted to as much as five hundred thousand in damages each. Claims that were for permanent injuries ranged into the millions. Finally, there have been cases of brain injuries resulting in seven-figure sums. As such, it is certainly in the best interest of the business owner to keep the office safe. But how can you do this?

Keep It Clean

You would be amazed how many accidents or incidents are being in the office due to a wet surface or slippery floor. As such, you do need to make sure that your office or business property is cleaned and regularly maintained. You can not afford to risk the possibility of hazards building up. If this happens, it is likely at least one will cause a serious accident. You can look at cleaning services on a site such as They cover the full range of cleaning services that business owners might need.

Train Up Staff

Of course, you may need a hazard to be dealt with before the cleaning crew arrives. That’s why you should regularly be training all your staff in health and safety issues. This might seem like a  waste of time. During their time training, your employees will not be able to complete their regular work. However, you can always schedule these training workshops out of office time. They can be incorporated into team building exercises. If you do this, your staff should be able to handle most hazards by themselves. If a claim is brought forward, you will be able to show you took measures to prevent accidents.

Buy The Best Furniture

Lastly, it is possible that an accident occurs due to the physical actions of an employee. RSI is an example of this, but employees can still sue over this type of injury. Particularly, if they can show that they were expected to work in conditions that caused the injury. You can prevent this issue by taking two important steps. The first is to invest in furniture that stops the development of RSI. If your employees spend a long time working on computers, make sure they have the option of using wrist supports. Second, you need to encourage your employees to take five-minute breaks every hour. At first, this may seem as though your business is working at a lower level of efficiency. However, it’s far better than an employee suffering a permanent injury that you have to pay for. Learn more about RSI on

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