Become A Self Taught Expert: Here's How

Teach yourself a skill

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Becoming an expert in something can be good for your personal and career development. When you’re an expert in something, you stand more of a chance of landing dream jobs, and even creating your own business from scratch. However, you don’t need to go to university or even spend a lot of money to become an expert in your chosen field. You can become a self taught expert! Here’s how to get started and get great results:

Be Passionate About What You’re Learning

If you want to become a self taught expert, you need to be passionate about what you’re learning. You may or may not know what that is. If you don’t, write a list of things you’re interested in and go from there. You can become very knowledgeable in things you’re not that passionate about, of course. But what would the point in that be?

Watch Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are such a fantastic resource for learning. They are free, and there’s so much information out there. You can find out whether you’re truly interested in something this way, before maybe splashing out on a course to help you with the more advanced stuff.

Read Books

Reading books should be something you do a lot of the time anyway. They are brilliant for helping us to grow! There are bound to be books on whatever it is you want to learn, so take a look online and see what you find. Sites like Goodreads are great for reviews and creating a reading list.

Know How You Learn Best

Knowing your style of learning is important. If you don’t learn well by listening to somebody else, then you’re going to need to get your hands dirty instead. If you’re not retaining information well, experiment a little to figure out how.

Look Into Online Courses

Online courses are another great way to become a self taught expert. You can find courses whatever your price range. There are so many benefits, too. No need to travel, remote learning, and learning at your own pace. Tableau online training can give you an idea of how this kind of thing works.

Put Your New Skills To Use

Make sure you don’t let the new information you’ve taken in sit idly in your head. You need to put your new skills to use! Try writing about what you’ve learned, or actually doing it if you can. Using all different learning styles to hammer something into your head can be the best way to go.

Stay Up To Date

Make sure you don’t let your knowledge go stale. Most industries evolve, and they evolve fast. Say up to date by finding great resource websites, watching videos, and staying up to date with news.

Never Stop Learning

Make sure you don’t stop learning. You can always learn something new, or even refresh your skills. If you want to be an expert, this is how you stay on top of your game.

Have fun learning and forging your path in life!

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