Riches In Your Jewelry Box: How To Make Money From Jewllery

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Many of us are regularly looking for ways to make some extra cash. One of the best ways to make some more money is to take a look in your jewellery box. Lots of people hoard various pieces of jewellery over the years, and they don’t realize that it could be used to make them money! Want to find out how to make some more money this way? Then read on to find out!

Sell Old Jewellery

This is probably the most obvious and easiest way to cash in on your unused jewellery: sell it! Take a look through all your jewellery. Ask yourself two questions when you look at a piece. Firstly, does it hold any sentimental value? And then ask yourself if you have worn it within the past year? If the answer is no to both, then it is taking up space in your jewellery box. It would be doing more good listed on an auction site and eventually making you some money!

Buy Jewellery To Sell

If you run out of old jewellery to sell, simply buy some cheap pieces to sell on at a profit. One of the best ways to keep your costs low and your profit sky high? Buy wholesale jewellery. One good type of jewellery for this is wholsale silver jewellery. Silver always stays in fashion and has a timeless look to it, so fashionistas are always looking to buy cute silver pieces. If you go into selling jewellery, it might be worth your while creating an online shop. This could be better for you when it is time to work out your annual taxes. And it will also make it easier for potential customers to find you online.

Speak To An Antique Dealer

If you have a particularly old piece of jewelry in your collection, you should take it to an antique dealer rather than simply sell it online. If you don’t know its true value, you may end up selling it for a lot less than it is worth online. An antique dealer will be able to correctly value your jewelry. He will then either offer to buy it himself or, failing that, tell you where the best place to sell it would be. You might have to take it to a specialist jewelry auction to get the most money for it.

Melt It Down

If you have some items of jewellery that are not in good condition but are made from either gold or silver, it might be worth melting them down. This way, you can take the pure gold or silver and sell them as basic metals. This can be fairly tricky to get right at home, so if you are not too sure what you are doing, you will be better off taking it to a professional.

If you don’t know what you’ve got in your jewellery box, take a look now. You could end up with some more dollars!

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