Can you trust the advice from Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett can be wrong

The following is an opinion piece on comments made about healthy eating by the great investor Warren Buffett:

The wonders of Warren Buffett

I have an extremely high opinion of Warren Buffett. He has been a hero of mine ever since I read one of his biographies (The Snowball). In particular, I love how real he is. He isn't one of these billion dollar hedge funders who live a Wolf of Wall Street type life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Buffett has always appeared as a grandfatherly type figure operating outside the Wall Street mainstream. It is this remoteness from Wall Street that Buffett argues gives him an independent and unique perspective on investing away from all the greed and fear of the general investing community.

Buffett's pearls of wisdom such as "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others of fearful" are lapped up by his avid followers. The latest Berkshire Hathaway meeting was live streamed world wide and attended by over 20,000 people. The general public latch onto his ideas and hold them close to heart. A day doesn't go by when there isn't an article about The Great Investor Warren Buffett in news outlet Business Insider. And it due to this focus surrounding the man and his words that I have recently become a little disappointed by some of what Buffett has to say.

Sometimes Buffett's opinion is not warranted

As mentioned, one of Buffett's appeal is his realism. One of his quirks is that he loves Cherry Cola and it was to my annoyance that I began to see multiple articles reporting that although medical advice suggests that he should cut down on the soft drinks - full of sugar and eat more "broccoli", Buffett chose to ignore the advice. Buffett argues that he hasn't seen enough evidence to suggest that cutting down on his sugar intake and eating more broccoli would be good for him. For a man who reads 500 pages a day you'd have thought that he may have taken the time to substantiate such a claim. To the entire medical community and beyond he is obviously wrong.

Even if he isn't wrong he should realise that his words have influence on many world wide. Buffett should consider whether he is the authority on topics outside the realms of investing. These are not his areas of expertise and he should show caution when invited to opine on these subjects.

Stick to what you know and are good at Warren. Leave the health advice to the doctors!

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