Broken iPhone? Don't break the bank

How to replace a phone on the cheap

Disaster has struck! Your phone has stopped working!

What are your options?

1) Try to live with the broken phone. If it's just a cracked screen maybe you'll be able to continue your life with the shame!

2) potentially you've caused irrevocable damage and living with it just won't do! Another option is to claim on the warranty (assuming it wasn't an accident or your own fault)

3) most warranties run out after 12 months but most contracts are 24 months. It's unlikely that your phone won't incur some blemishes/ faults by the end of your contract and you won't be able to rely on the warranty. The next option is to claim on you phone insurance

4) don't have mobile phone insurance? Don't fuss. Have you tried your contents insurance? Still not covered? Have you checked with your bank account provider? Many accounts nowadays offer free mobile phone insurance as part of the package of banking with that Bank

5) still no luck then? How badly did you break it?! If it's a minor fault e.g. The headphone jack has stopped working, you should try googling the problem. Chances are someone's faced it before and figured out how to fix it. This is something I did (a complete technophobe) and I managed to repair my headphone jack

6) have you tried upgrading your phone early? Many phone companies allow you to upgrade your phone three months before the end of your contract. Others even allow you to upgrade every year

7) still no luck!!!??? Ok either you can go back to option one and just live with it or you're going to have to bite the bullet and get it repaired. There are plenty of high street shops that will repair phones. These are far cheaper than going back to the original phone manufacturer

Hopefully at least one or more of these strategies can save you some money next time you break your phone (well maybe not number seven!).

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