Be A Smart Investor: Tactics To Make The Most Money

Smart investing

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Many would argue that investing is pure luck, and that there’s no way to predict the outcome. I’d argue the opposite, and in fact, there are a number of useful tactics you can use to put yourself in a better position.

While you can’t directly control the outcome of an investment, if you put yourself in the best position from day one, you stand a better chance. Like any financial transaction, the results can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you’re blind. Far from it. Investing is a game, and any game can be beaten. It’s about predicting outcomes and planning for them.

So, if you’re new to investing, or consider yourself a veteran, there’s always something you can learn. Below, you’ll find several investing tips and tactics that will hopefully result in a bit more profit for you - good luck!

1. Invest less money, and think long-term


Rather than dumping down a 10,000 lump sum, why not invest a small amount each month? This way, you’ll have more control, and will be able to see the effects of your money more clearly. 200 a month is 2400 a year, and each year that will grow. Investing 10,000 upfront doesn’t really allow room for growth; you’re already at your peak.

2. Invest in something different


As previously mentioned, there are those that would argue investing is more of a luck-based pursuit. So, perhaps you simply need to take a shot, and have faith in a particular product or industry that is new to you. The best alternative investments are heavily documented, and they’re a wise choice. You can’t just follow everyone else like a sheep, and plant your money where everyone else goes. You have to choose something that may be risky, but will pay off big time.

3. Devise an investment strategy


Investing isn’t something you should attempt blindly, and that’s a surefire way to ensure you fail. It’s vital to devise a killer investment strategy, that can allow you to track your progress and determine your outcome.

A strategy should have multiple things. Firstly, you should have conducted thorough research into the market or product that you are choosing to invest in. Your strategy should allow for the biggest return on investment, and that sometimes means taking a risk.

For example, if it’s a choice between oak chairs and pine chairs, and pine chairs are currently dominating, opt for oak. That is assuming you’ve researched when and how oak becomes popular, and this rise is just around the corner. You’ll beat everyone else to the punch and your strategy will pay off! Literally.

4. Don’t invest everything you have; spread your money


If you blow everything from day one, you’ve just exhausted your one and only option. Hold some of that investing cash back for a rainy day, and to use in other places. You should spread your money by investing in multiple different sources. That way, if one investment fails, you’ll have another one (hopefully) blossoming. Investing is all about saving, and this way, you’ll save for a day when you need that cash most.

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