How to increase your winnings when playing the lottery

How to win the lottery?

We're playing the lottery as a syndicate at work. There are 12 of us taking part, paying £10 into the syndicate per week, for 5 weeks.

The lottery is a waste of money!

I am virtually throwing away £50 over the next few weeks. I play because it's something fun to talk about on Monday mornings.

Being money conscious, I would not allow the syndicate to play the lottery in the same way the majority of people play. We were going to try to maximise our earnings. 

The money collected gave us a pot of £120 per week with which to purchase tickets. At £2 per ticket this allowed us to purchase 60 tickets each week.

The lottery winning system

We randomly selected 9 numbers and grouped them into 3 sets of three. Then we wrote out all 27 combinations of those three sets of numbers. For example, if we chose the numbers one to 9 and grouped them: 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 and 7,8,9. Then out combinations would go as follows:
Then we would cycle through the nine combinations that start with 2 and nine combinations that start with 3, making 27 combinations in total. 

Of course, this system only picks the first three numbers for each ticket. We randomize the remaining three tickets.

The reason for having the first three numbers in various combinations is not to improve your chance of winning the jackpot. Of course every ticket, regardless of numbers has a 1 in 14million chance of winning in the national lottery. The purpose of the lottery combinations is so that if you win on one of the tickets by having three or more of your numbers come up, you will win several prizes as the numbers appear multiple times.

In our case where we bought 60 tickets. We picked 18 numbers randomly in two sets of 9. This provided us with two sets of 27 combinations making 54 lines in all. The remaining 6 lines were chosen randomly.

We'll just have to see whether all this effort was worth it!

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