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The following is a guest post from a financial writer from Freedom Finance, one of the UK's largest largest Loan Brokers. These guys have just created a free financial guide for all of you to download. The guide is essential reading for anyone looking to borrow money and is a relatively easy read when compared to other information out there!
If, like me, you have ever struggled with the complicated world of finance and, in particular, the terminology, then don’t worry- help is at hand! Loan broker giant Freedom Finance has put together a great little e-book to answer all your borrowing queries or credit questions in general, and it’s absolutely FREE! In just a few short, easy to read pages, Freedom Finance covers pretty much anything you need to know about borrowing and how to protect and enhance your credit worthiness (absolutely vital in this day and age!).
This invaluable aid gives an honest explanation of the types of loans on the market place (e.g. secured loans, unsecured loans, and consolidation loans), their advantages and disadvantages and a summary of what product suits a particular circumstance best. The guide also gives its readers tips on how to improve their credit score, and how not to make the same mistakes going forward. Not only this, but it has its very own jargon-busting glossary which is designed to fully explain those often alien terms surrounding the financial industry.
The Guide To Borrowing by Freedom Finance is absolutely free, and there is no obligation to use their services after the guide has been downloaded. It is simply intended as a helpful tool to those seeking a loan, to ensure that potential borrowers are borrowing responsibly, and doing so armed with all the facts. Thanks Freedom Finance, we could definitely use the help!  You can download the e-book from the Freedom Finance homepage!
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