Corporate Credit Cards

Spending on corporate credit cards - the right way

A lot of people, especially in the finance world incur expenses at work. If employees are incurring expenses for travel etc these can rack up to a couple of hundred pounds. Sometimes it takes time to recoup this money back from the company. In that time you may have a shortfall in the cash flow of your current account. Furthermore, you may lose out on the interest that you could have otherwise have earned. Many companies have solved this problem by issuing a corporate credit card to aid cash flow.. The cards tend to have an unlimited credit limit. This is a great solution as it allows employees to incur the large expenses, and claim back the money before the cash leaves your account.

Make money from your expenses

It's really simple to make some cash off these expense transactions. Instead of using the corporate card just use your own cash back credit card to pay for these sorts of transactions. I recently made £30 cash back off of a £500 expense using my 6% introductory cash back card. Easy money, just make sure you pay off the expense in full at the end of every month. Set up a direct debit if you think you're the sort of person who may forget! The company should be putting the money back into your account before you're having to pay back the cash so why would you forego the opportunity to make some extra money!

Obviously, not everyone's cash back card will give such a good rate but every little helps, even if it's 0.5%, why would you waste the opportunity for free cash?

There you have it - a quick way to make a little cash.

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