A Quick Declaration

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Dear Reader,

I feel that I must apologize to you all. Looking back at some of my posts I see that I do not always write as I had originally intended.

Originally I wanted this blog to be about my financial progression and learning. I don't feel that I have interacted enough with my readers. In future I want to write about things in a way that I outline from my own knowledge, write my opinion then encourage yourselves to correct me, or educate me (and other readers).

I want to make this blog more personal to me and to my readers. I really do welcome any guestposts from any readers, even if it's just a few hundred words on any topic (loosely finance related). I want to be able to comment on readers opinions. The only criteria is that it has to be a reasonable standard of English and not promoting anything. Furthermore, if you would like me to try to cover any particular topic then let me know and I will cover it. Just write it in the comments box below.

I also want to try to write a post every three days if I can. This may be a struggle considering that I am off to India and Nepal for one month from mid July until mid August.

Furthermore, I realise that there isn't at the moment a lot of incentive to return to the site other than the content. I am currently trying to revamp the site and create an email list so that we can get more interaction going (and I'll work on improving the content!!!). I want this to eventually be a community that we can be proud of and that helps people.

If you've read this far, please take a few seconds out of your day and let me know your feelings in the comments box below, whatever they may be. Otherwise you can email me at, or message me on twitter @millionairer0ad.

Kind regards,

Mr. Moneybanks


Shilpan said...

keep up the good work. Write less, but write straight from your heart. You won't be disappointed.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks a lot Shilpan, truly appreciate the support.

TB at BlueCollarWorkman said...

The only thing you need to apologize for is spelling apologize with an "s." Weirdo. :-)

But seriously dude, no worries, I think blogs sort of evolve over time and we go through different phases and make good and bad choices. I look forward to yoru efforts coming up, but no need to apologiZe for going through a learning experience!

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks TB. I think you're right. I just feel I've plateaued a little at the moment. And as for the spelling you're absolutely right (even though I think you were joking a little). I may even encourage people to point out my spelling errors (along with a comment on content). It should be spelt correctly.

Modest Money said...

Good idea to try to get more personal with content. Since there are just so many finance blogs out there, you really have to bring something unique to the table. The easiest way to do that is with personal stories and lots of interaction with readers. It is easy for a blog to lose its focus over time. I think that's why some bloggers insist on having a mission statement to guide them or a set of blog principals to follow.

Of course it takes more than just content to build a community early on. A lot comes down to networking with fellow bloggers and commenting on their blogs.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

I think you're right there Modest Money. The market is quite saturated. We all need to find our unique selling point. I think mine is the fact that I am very much an unfinished product (I'm 22). If I track all that I do from an early age for a couple of years I'm hoping that my readers will learn what to do and what not to do. Obviously this requires me to be totally honest with my readers.
As for building a community it's something I'm working on at the moment. If you're a personal finance blogger and are reading this please get in touch. I'm looking to create some mastermind groups just to talk things out and support each other.

Unknown said...

I also want to try to write a post every three days if I can. This may be a struggle considering that I am off to India and Nepal for one month from mid July until mid August.