Quick Tips for Saving Money at Home

The following article outlines  a few quick tips for saving money in your home. Whether you have a small one bed flat or a 10 bed mansion, these tips should help all people on all budgets.

Home Savings

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People trying to save more money or pay off more debt tend to look at how they can increase their income to boost their cashflow, or look at how to save money on the big expenses. What people are forgetting is that many small changes can add up and make a bigger difference to your cash flow. In the same theme as my previous article on how to make some savings when going on your regular shop, here are a few tips on saving a bit of cash on home expenses.

Reuse and Recycle

Very simple really. Don't waste! When I was growing up I was always told by my mum to eat all the food on my plate as there are children in Africa who would love to eat it. Whilst the comment was well-intentioned and was an effort to prevent waste, I couldn't help but think: how does my stuffing my face help alleviate African poverty?!
But I digress. Whilst I don't expect you to stuff your face to prevent wastage, there is no reason why you can't save leftovers in tupaware/ foil containers/ clingfilm over bowls or plates. Have whatever it is for lunch the next day. As long as it's still edible (i.e. you didn't cough on it/ vomit it up), there's no reason why you can't finish it the next day. Never let good food go to waste.

Slow Cookers

The brilliance of slow cookers is that even though you leave them on for hours, they actually save large amounts of energy as they use far less electricity than cooking on a normal electric cooker in a few minutes. This means that your electricity bills are lower. Yey! Furthermore, cooking with a slow cooker is really easy, you just throw it all in. Furthermore, some of the meals made with a slow cooker are divine. The slow cooking of meat helps the proteins retain more moisture making the meat much juicer and tender.


An interesting little tip to save some money involves improving your diet. Simply by eating less meat and more vegetables can save a small fortune over the year. The logic is simple, meat costs more than vegetables. Dieticians recommend that if you divide up your plate you should have half of it covered in vegetables, one quarter with meat, and one quarter with carbohydrates.

Lightbulb Idea

One bright idea (!) would be to change all the lightbulbs in your house or flat over to energy saving bulbs. Lighting accounts for 8% of an average household's energy bills. If you replace each bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness you will save £3 per bulb per year. This amounts to about £55 worth of savings over the life of the bulb. Multiply that over all the bulbs in your house and you can start to see the big advantages.

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Modest Money said...

I was not aware that a slow cooker uses less energy than a stove. I assumed that since it would be turned on so long that it must use much more. I guess stoves are rather inefficient with a lot of the heat just going into the air.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

It's amazing what little savings can be made without even realising! It's due to the efficiency of it over a normal stove.