How an investment of £30 has saved me £1044

Following my previous article on Frugality and what it is I felt it time to reveal where I save myself a substantial proportion of my income each year and I recommend all families to make this investment if they can:

One Hell of an Investment

I've got a brilliant investment idea. This is not a con. It works, for real! I made this investment one December seven years ago and it only cost me £30. Since that time, 87 months have gone by and this great investment has allowed me to amass an amount of savings worth about £1044. What is more is that this small investment keeps on giving. That is almost an annual return of about 500%!!!


  • I don't mean to be sexist but unfortunately this investment tends to benefit boys more than girls. However, mothers of boys and wives of husbands will also gain from this investment.
  • Whilst this investment doesn't actually generate extra money it allows you to save large amounts of money by reducing your outgoings in a particular area.
  • WARNING: This investment may not be suitable to all hair types!!??

The Haircut Haircut

For those of the readership that has not already worked it out: I'm talking about saving money on your haircuts. On average haircuts can cost anywhere between £8 to £20 depending on the style and quality. I used to pay £12 each time I went to the hairdressers, which was about once a month.

However, seven years ago I invested in a set of clippers. This was a great investment and I haven't looked back since. It allows me to have a haircut more often and it's really easy. Unfortunately you are slightly limited to a shorter haircut but that was never a problem for me and shouldn't be for many of you, especially if you invest in a set of clippers that have various adjustable guards for many lengths of hair.

Apart from a great haircut (and in my case he is excellent!) you can save yourself a lot of money. A set of descent clippers is about £30 but you can pay up to £50 for a really good set. This is a small price to pay considering you get your money back in saved haircut expenses in about 3-4 months. What's more is that if you have a family you could be saving many peoples' haircut costs each month.

So there you have it: the haircut haircut, saving money on your monthly haircutting costs.

Has anyone else got money saving ideas that save you vast amounts of money for little outlay? If so share in the comments box below.

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WorkSaveLive said...

I have a lot of clients that cut their (and their children's) own hair.

I trim up the top but I don't trust myself to trim up the sides and fade it to the top (which is a little longer). I wish I could save the money and do it on my own...

I'm just too anal and want to make sure it's done right. lol.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Honestly it's just practice and having the confidence to try. I promise you it's worth it in the long run. Plus you have the freedom to cut your hair whenever you want.

Modest Money said...

I invested in a set of clippers a while back, but I've only used it for one buzz-cut so far. Like WorkSaveLive, I don't trust myself enough to actually make it look good. If money is ever extra tight I know I can go back to cutting my own hair. Instead I just put it off and put it off until my hair is growing over my ears.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

:D Modest Money, I would definitely give it a go. Check out some instructional youtube videos. Just search: How to use hair clippers.
Most come with instructional guides.
Honestly, it's definitely worth the odd one or two mess ups!
Good luck!

Rob said...

I bought myself a really good set for £50... people have said they tend to last in excess of 10 years and they feel good quality. Do my own hair with them myself and have cut friends hair. If someone's about that's handy for the back, but if not I just hope for the best. If I messed it up badly I'd just drop it to a one and have it short all over. I just find it ridiculous paying so much for a haircut.

Unknown said...

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