How To Expand Your Customer Base Online in 2021


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As a leader in a growing business, you will understand the absolute necessity of having an expanding customer base online. Especially in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which businesses have had to move most - if not all - of their services online, online communities are absolutely crucial for any business to succeed. Although every business is doing the basics - a site and a social media page - what can your business do to thrive online in an ever-competitive market?

In this blog you will find three simple solutions to expanding your customer base online. Let’s get to it.

  1. Outsource Your Marketing

One of the greatest debates in modern marketing discourse is: to outsource or not to outsource? Many business leaders believe that outsourcing is a risk because you are placing your operations in the hands of an external body. However, most heads in business today use outsourcing as a way of leaving marketing up to the experts. 

Having an in-house marketing team is all well and good, if you can afford it. Outsourcing provides your company with the best talent, without having to put them all on your own payroll. This is a perfect way to grow your customer base online - your online marketing strategy will be managed and rolled out by those in the know, helping you to reach a wider base of potential customers.

  1. Get An App

Having an app for your company is the ideal way to reach people in a more direct, practical way. Think about how many apps the average person uses per day, and how your company’s goods or services could fit into that routine. Whatever your industry, having an app for your company allows you to grow your online community in a simple, effective way.

Developing an app in-house can be tricky, which is why outsourcing this project to content creators and app developers is the best way forward. This investment will be highly rewarding for any business looking to break further into the online world.

  1. Develop A Social Media Strategy

Your business probably already has a social media page, but does it have a social media strategy? There is a huge difference between posting content ad-hoc, and developing a strategy for growing your social media following. Social media strategization is an essential facet of growing your online customer base.

Apps like Instagram have now developed a shopping feature, allowing people to buy goods directly through the app. As a business trying to reach customers online, this is the perfect opportunity to access a wider range of customers. If you are trying to promote your company to younger customers under 30, using social media in a strategic way is the way to do it.

How do you develop a social media strategy? This is about identifying who your target audience is, and furthermore accessing the trends that they are currently following. 

Overall, expanding your customer base online is an essential element to business in 2021. Get with the times and invest in your online expansion.

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