Expanding? It's Time to Create a HR Department!


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Running a small business is pretty complex. Chances are you take the vast bulk of the work on your own shoulders and are completing various different job roles to keep everything up and running. But as your business begins to grow and expand, you will experience more sales, more demand, more queries and you will have to start taking on the helping hands of staff. With staff, however, can come responsibilities and troubles that need to be managed, handled and resolved thoroughly and properly. This will prevent larger scale issues from occurring later down the line. No matter how good a cultural fit you find for your company in your workers, people are only people and you are going to have to resolve conflicts and other issues between them. This is why you need to develop a HR department too! Here’s everything you need to know to get the best HR team possible!

What Exactly is HR?

Before developing a HR department, you need to understand exactly what HR is.HR staff:

  • Make sure that you have efficient staff distribution

  • Provide a framework for the policies and procedures with settling in new staff members

  • Provide guidance, support, and advice to all staff

  • Develop professional interpersonal connections and relationships with staff so that staff can trust them

What Does a Good HR Department Require?

If you’re going to be looking into HR recruitment, you’re going to have to set up a department for HR staff to work in. This means a dedicated office space, computers and phones for staff and ergonomically designed seating and equipment. There should be somewhere that HR staff can hold private and confidential conversations with staff members too. You want your other staff members to feel completely comfortable conversing with your HR staff and giving people some privacy away from others’ ears is a great way to support this.

Traits of a Good HR Employee

When it comes to finding the best HR staff to fit into your workplace, you’re going to have to scout out individuals with specific traits. Of course, there aren’t really HR degrees and training courses, so you’re not necessarily looking for qualifications, but rather experience and the right attitude and personality. Make sure to interview all staff, as this will give you an idea of their characteristics. Communication is the biggest strength of a HR worker, so you need to make sure they can communicate well in the interview. At the end of the day, they’ll spend most of their time conversing with others. So you want them to be friendly, approachable, professional and trustworthy. You should also look for patience, sympathy, compassion and empathy.

HR really is an integral part of any business that’s growing and taking on staff. So make sure to develop a department sooner rather than later. This can save a whole lot of hassle and issues from developing unchecked down the line.

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