How To Protect Your Business From Criminals

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Loss through crime is something which many businesses will be greatly concerned about. The idea that someone could break into your business premises and steal everything that you’ve worked so hard for and put your business in real jeopardy is a worrying prospect. While it may never happen, you should always work to the assumption that it will happen and you need to take preventative measures to protect your business

But how exactly do you go about doing this? 

In this article, we’ll talk about all of the measures you can put in place in your business in order to deter criminals. Read on to find out more about how you can protect your business.

Practice the Three ‘Ds’

There are three ‘Ds’ when it comes to security. These are : 

  • Deter

  • Detect

  • Document

This means that your first step should always be about putting measures in place that make it seem like your business is not an easy target and should not be attempted. 

If you are doing a good job of deterring criminals, you will probably never find out as you’ll get fewer attempts at theft. 

If criminals do still target your business, you will need to detect them. This means using surveillance to identify where they are or have been. 

If someone has broken into your business, you’ll then need to document it. This will be your evidence that could help with the prosecution of the criminals. 

Here are some of the steps that you can take to stop criminals using the three ‘Ds.’

Create a Perimeter 

Using concrete barrier blocks and fences make a buried that will be hard to overcome. The more obstacles you can put in the way of your premises, the less likely you will be to get a break-in. 

In high-risk areas, think about putting up barbed-wire. 

Have a Burglar Alarm Fitted 

Nothing deters criminals quite like a very loud burglar alarm. The loud shrill siren which is designed to alert everyone around that there is an intruder can send sheer panic into many criminals. 

Have a good burglar alarm system fitted and it will act as a great deterrent. You may also be able to have it connected to your local police station so that the police can be alerted immediately to a potential break-in. 


Visible CCTV can act as a great deterrent. Nobody would like to think that they would be caught on camera and having a good, well-placed camera system will put off a lot of criminals. 

But CCTV also serves to detect and to document criminal activity too.

Once installed, make sure you make the best use of your CCTV system

Hire Security Guards 

Having a physical presence on-site will be a great way of deterring potential criminals. Have your guards patrol the grounds and the perimeter. Make sure that they look for anything out of the ordinary as they travel around. 

Not only do security guards deter, but they are also useful for detecting and documenting any activity too.

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