Seven Tips For Starting Your Own Spa Business

Owning a business of any kind can have its challenges, and the biggest one is getting that idea from out your head, onto paper, and into a physical form. Whatever type of business you’ve been wanting to start, now is as good a time as any to take full advantage and dive feet first into something that could end up changing your life forever. Here are seven tips for starting your own spa business.

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Find The Right Venue

Firstly, it’s important to look at venues and potential spots where you can start your business. Your budget might differ from others, and so it’ll dictate where you can. However, as much as the price of the place can be a major influence, you want the right venue that’s going to be in a good location and have the potential on the inside to be incredible. When creating a spa setting, you’re going to want open spaces for any communal areas and then smaller spaces for the treatments rooms. Whenever you go to the spa, you get the feeling of comfort and that outer-worldly feeling. It’s as if you’ve been taken from your busy life to a place where time just stands still, and you can allow yourself to escape for a moment or two. That’s what you want to think about when it comes to the right venue.

Look At Your Savings & Business Funding Available

What savings do you have available to invest in your business? A lot of people can’t start a business that they’ve been dreaming of having because financials get in the way. It might be a case of you having to save for a number of years before you finally have the money to take the plunge. In other cases, it could be that there are options out there that mean you can borrow money or look at different types of business funding. If you really wanted to, financially or not, there’s always a way of starting a business from scratch. It might mean that you have to take out a loan or rely on your savings, but money can be a big factor in whether now is the right time or not. Be smart with your money, and if you need to save, then continue putting money aside as and when you can. However, if you have the money or have access to business funding, then what’s stopping you from doing it right now?

Create The Right Aesthetic

When it comes to decorating the space, you want to create the right aesthetic for your spa business. There are certain qualities and features that you get when it comes to your spa that is going to be recognizable for those of us who love to get a spa treatment every so often. Look at the different aesthetics out there by doing a bit of research on what other spa companies are doing and what they’re doing in order to stand out. You want to make sure that you fit the right look and that it’s also matching the rest of your branding as a business. If you’ve got monochrome branding but then create a tropical aesthetic in your physical venue, then you might start lacking that consistency that’s needed when it comes to running any kind of business.

Brainstorm The Menu Of Services

The next thing you need to think about is the menu you’ll be presenting to your customers. It’s the list of treatments that you can offer, and it’s worth doing some digging when it comes to wording them correctly and pricing them up. Just like anything in business, you want your services to be appealing and something that are hard to refuse. It’s worth considering packages and bundles you can put together in order to upsell where possible. Any additions that you can add onto one service will mean that you’re also going to benefit from future sales where customers might go for the same thing again.

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Start Building Your Social Feeds

Next up is your social feeds, which is important to build for any business in this modern-day world. With the internet reigning supreme, you want to try and get as much of a following online as possible so that you’re not only relying on local customers or people that you know that will come and support you in your opening stages. Look at what platforms are going to be the best for your business and try to go for more visual platforms as these will be good for showing off your spa venue and also for featuring some of the treatments too!

Set The Scene - First Impressions Count

It’s all about setting the scene when it comes to your spa, so make sure you’ve thought about the way it looks and is set up from the front door to the treatment itself. First impressions count, so think about the displaying of products, the relaxing music for spa treatments and even down to the lighting and any scents you might use. It’s all relevant to creating the right ambiance. 

Build A Close Relationship With Customers

A close relationship with your customers is important because it’s what will hopefully bring them back again and again. It might be worth considering something along the lines of a loyalty scheme or just getting to know them via social media and with reviews/feedback. These are all things that are necessary in order to keep hold of those customers so that they don’t go elsewhere for the services. Always look at what you can do better because if you can build a great relationship with customers, the word-of-mouth advertising that can come from it, can be really important as a business.

Starting your own spa business is a challenge, but one you definitely want to be invested in if you decide to go through with it. Make sure you’ve planned it out well, got the funding ready, and made the right steps towards opening those doors!

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